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Gauri and SRK launched their real estate project Estates BY SRK in Dubai on Wednesday. For the afternoon event, Gauri picked a ruffle pink gown (a Roland Mouret we presume).

Now the color looked good on her but the hair and the greyish-silver eyemake-up was overwhelmingly scary. A softer do would’ve really helped here.


Gauri Khan at Estates By SRK Launch in Dubai

Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. The dress looks shapeless. I seriously dislike such light, blonde-like hair on desi complexions. Our features stand out better with darker hair.

  2. Omg scary is the right word. What a shapeless dress….. And what’s with that hair and makeup. She needs to go sophisticated and chic not trashy ….

  3. Her hair looks like a Lion’s mane. The eye make-up doesn’t go with the gown. And I don’t like the dress on her. Another miss from Ms. Khan. She should read HHC so that she can dress better the next time she time she goes out.

  4. I think she is one of those people who look best without makeup….

    it makes sense why Twinkle Khanna stands out even with simple and elegant dressing sense..

  5. OMG! Agree with comment by Maya ….going that shade of blond looks awful on most desi skin tones. The make-up is awful. I really feel that once you’ve turned 40/45 skin care routine becomes more important than before, and this includes choices in make-up. Less is more Gauri, even if you have tonnes of money! The dress is not impressive at all. Sharh Rukh Khan however looked dapper.

  6. Well She is in Dubai and she has dressed very paki-middle-easterny for the crowds. Try travelling emirates and this is their blanket look. Blown up blond hair with greyish-silver eye make-up.

  7. It is images like these that make us lesser mortals feel good about ourselves…glad to know even celebrities have horrendous hair days despite the designer clothes, etc. She desperately needs to hire stylists for hair, makeup and clothing. Plzzz give her the whatthehey title for this monstrosity!

  8. Seems like I’m the only one who thinks she is looking striking for a change. This is so middle-eastern-ish type look, and she looks pretty!

  9. well Gauri Khan never had a good sense of style… she always dresses like women in dubai who likes everything to be loud and blingy – bleached hair, heavy make up…

  10. Sweet baybee Jeysus, she looks frightening.
    Imagine a sleek low bun (preferably in her natural hair colour), clean makeup with winged eyeliner, some bangles/ a cuff . . . . and some eyebrows and this look would’ve been so very different.

    What she needs is conditioner and a break from her tweezers and disco makeup.

  11. All those defending Dubai fashion… a big haha to you. Sorry but this is the widely recognisable Dubai look. SUre there are elegant ladies there, but this is easily spotted if you are out and about in Dubai. Gauri no doubt fitted in and she looks fine with regards to hair and complexion.


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