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    The belt looks HORRIBLE on the bulging belly.Her face looks much better though. She always looks like that she has had a lot of plastic surgeries done to her face.I am thinking Cheek Implants, Face lift, Lip Collagen for sure.

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    it looks FAB on Rose McGowan (suits her to a T) but on Gauri…I don’t know
    she looks happy, but I wish that she would stop wearing those HORRIBLE HORRIBLE belts that COMPLETELY ruin any chance that the dress had to look good on her

  4. Rachita at | | Reply

    why does she pair belts wid everything? and wow…….look at that tummy!!

  5. the mad momma at | | Reply

    She’s picked up rekha’s make up trick of wearing glossy, oily make up to keep looking young..

    matte does make you look old.

  6. fuschiagirl at | | Reply

    The same dress that she wore when the credits of Om Shanti Om rolled in her cameo!

  7. manisha at | | Reply

    i agree this is better than the filmfare debacle

    but i dont know why..this dress makes gauri look fat.. its like her tyers are popping out above and below the belt which is weird because she’s not fat!!!
    also, i like the strapless look on rose mcgowan betterthan gauri’s straps

  8. divi at | | Reply

    Im happy she’s beginning to smile more. That sure helps

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    Gauri should know better than to always wear slinky dresses that flaunt her flabby tummy…and yes she does have one (have seen it in person!)

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    yes the smile is back. she looks lovely in this photograph. smile gauri smile. your gravest sins will be forgiven if you dazzle your smile coz you have got a very nice smile.

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    I don’t like Gauri Khan. Sorry, I know I tend to bring a personal opinion when nobody asks! Haha. But OK, fine, Gauri does look decent overhere…..and I really like the outfit.

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    Despite some fashion misses, I like Gauri. She seems like the type of person who doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. She also keeps her big movie star husband in line. All those temptations and he still remains faithful to her unlike most of the other stars.

    Good that she’s smiling because she has every reason to!

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    i think gauri looks better than Rose. But i wish she ditched the oily make up atleat once.

  14. suga at | | Reply

    Gauri looks much better now. Her tummy is bulging out of the belt though

  15. priya at | | Reply

    same old oily shiny make up. dont like the dress either. i dont like how she teams belts with all her dresses.

  16. Adity at | | Reply

    I have this dress. HURRAY!!! Finally feeling like a celebrity.lol

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    nothing spectacular about this dress at all.. plus her oily face isnt helping at all!! looks funny

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    P& P, This photo should have come in ‘AGAIN’ category as she has worn this dress in her entry in Om shanti Om in the last…

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    Adity seeing that you have attended a lot of these events, are you on the pages of HHC:)

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    she could lose the belt. but she looks good, and you know what I like the fact with marriages falling apart left right and center in India, she has kept her man, and they both are happy…and before you give him all the credit I think it goes both ways….

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    But will you look at that “tond”!!! Why emphasize your worst asset just to wear a particular accessory??

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    PnP, I have a request, I think only divas should be featured on this site…not star wives, star sisters, star sister in laws and the like. I am sick of Gauri Khan, that’s what that means…her only claim to fame and money is being SRK’s wife. That doesn’t sit well with my inner feminist. Why do we expect this obscure woman from inner city Delhi to be so well turned out anyway? Next.

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    Madhu, When SRK married Gauri, h was a nobody. She stood by him and now when he is a big star at least a big percent of the success goes to a smart wife like Gauri. She is not someone who married him at the top of his career. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that one should go and earn outside and not supporting their men at all. Having a sensible wife at home also contributes to success.

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    Despite of her fashion sense, I somehow like Gauri Khan, may be for what Adit is saying

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    I’m not sure what inner city Delhi has to do with anything. Should being from NY, Paris, and Milan be a requirement to be on a fashion blog? We can cancel out pretty much everyone in Bollywood and India then!

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    Can you please please tell me which belt is that?

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