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  1. annik at | | Reply

    Sorry, I can’t look past the horrible hair. Does she look in the mirror before leaving home?

  2. Rushil at | | Reply


  3. VanillaVibes at | | Reply

    It’s def a nice dress…just not sure if it’s looking tht great on her…Gauri please do something fun with your hair!

  4. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Dislike !

  5. diptiN at | | Reply

    nice color. the dress does not look good from the site. Like the clutch.

  6. bongbabe at | | Reply

    she looks great! nice happy smile :)

    pnp – ENOUGH with cropping out arjun rampal!!!

  7. rina at | | Reply

    Looks good! Love the colour. Love Missoni. The hair has gotta change though

  8. theresa at | | Reply

    she looks so cute! I love it

  9. RoRo at | | Reply

    she looks cute however the outfit is super fugly and does nothing for her..as usual you guys are just praising it cuz its a missoni.meh!

  10. dimpy at | | Reply

    she does look good ..maybe a lil neater hair ..do feel bad arjun rampal is cutout but if he was in not sure how many of us girlies wud have noticed gauri lol …

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