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  1. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Now if only we could have a G & N Boycott

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      1. Faz at | | Reply

        super like!!!!

  2. Inihos at | | Reply

    Besides the fact that so many of these are blatant copies, these are just badly made outfits…

    1. aparna at | | Reply

      PRECISELY my point~!!

  3. ananya at | | Reply

    the last dress in the first row of photos is a Catherine Malandrino copy.

  4. jai at | | Reply

    What rip offs. We should have stricter laws to protect fashion houses-copyright laws that can be put into action. I hate it when its an indian who does this, matter of national shame!

    1. xHarmx at | | Reply

      agreed. They also seem to have ‘borrowed’ a lot of ideas from John Galliano’s collection for Dior. Why would anyone want to buy this tat when most of their customers could probably afford the REAL stuff

  5. nandita at | | Reply

    YUCK! its about time LFW smells the coffee… wake up.. give the talented designers you have/had… anand, nachiket, anupama… even a trio finale! etc a finale.. we are fed up of this crap!

    what a dull boring week.

  6. fashion outsider at | | Reply

    i completely get what you are saying but it’s so hard to tell with fashion or any art for that matter whether the work is original now. i wouldn’t pass a judgement so quickly.

  7. jenny at | | Reply

    love the collection. great stuff. these girls do such pretty dresses. can we buy this anywhere in the uk?

  8. M at | | Reply

    These girls blatantly copy international designers. How can they be called designers???

    And to top everything, the finish of their clothes is always SO BAD.


  9. neha at | | Reply

    comeon p&p…. that’s a bit unfair. i see a lot of originality in the collection. good job girls. love d big sculpted flowers, very unique

  10. Purple at | | Reply

    Urgh, next!

  11. Neha at | | Reply

    Gauri, Nainika,

    If you’re *going* to be ripping off Valentino’s Spring 2010 collection, at least do a decent job of it. Some of those modified looks in “your” collection – and I say this with several dollops of disgust – are just plain fug.

    How do talentless hacks get away with such blatant daylight robbery? No, seriously? Do they really not know that we’re all in on their little secret? How brazen, and so, so disappointing.

    Boycott these folks, fashion junta. ANY self-respecting mag should STOP featuring their clothes, and I cannot believe they’re still allowed entry into fashion weeks. Shameful!

    1. SS at | | Reply

      Not just an entry, they get to do the Finale. How ironic.

  12. rhea at | | Reply

    too much disney princess overdose.

  13. Koel Purie at | | Reply

    I thought the show was fabulous and each piece divine. I always feel like a million bucks in a G & N dress, their fit n finish is beyond flawless. Try one and you wont disagree.

    1. Neha at | | Reply

      No reason why you shouldn’t love G+N’s collection, Valentino is God, after all.

  14. ko at | | Reply

    shame shame

  15. SAH at | | Reply

    Wow wow….to all those people saying oh these dresses are so original…ummmmm go check out lanvin, valentino and marchesa collections…there is no originiality here!

    these are blatant rip offs!

    P&P is somebody even mentioning this in the media? Apart from you guys mentioning it, is someone even bringing this up? I wonder if G&N know that people know that there collection is a rip-off?

    I cant believe they could get away with something like this?

  16. ay at | | Reply

    everybody is copying each other or may be we should say inspired by each other ,but the same is followed around the world.
    the diffrence between us and them they alsotry and get inspired by the finishing of there products .
    here designers get away by giving substandard products at a unbelivebale prices . HERE DEFECT BECOMES AND EFFECT

  17. gopi at | | Reply

    looks like the kind of stuff they always do….. frilly with ruffles and all the gowns etc. except more couture like this time. i like

  18. PG at | | Reply

    love the head gear. clothes nice too. have always liked gauri nainika designs. so feminine and pretty. and of course they are original.

  19. saristyle at | | Reply

    bhago chor aya…(ayi)

    how ridiculous?

    is there no rulebook?


  20. Faz at | | Reply

    G & N…WHERE IS YOUR IMAGINATION???? and you call yourselves designers…What a SHAME!!!

    Nice one P & P :)

  21. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Gauri and Nainika have never been about originality, art or experimentation. They’ve always played it safe with commercial collections that are heavily influenced by global fashion trends.

    Yes this collection is heavily inspired by Lanvin, Valentina and Marchesa, but it is not plagiarized. Its just very unoriginal and safe. Its not something that I appreciate or am excited by, but I do not think it is morally reprehensible or a crime, either.

    Most mainstream ‘art’ of any kind in India- Films, Music, Fashion- is safe, cliched, trite and extremely commercial.

    Bollywood movies recycle the same plots and tropes and borrow liberally from Hollywood scripts. The only bankable stars are the few major male superstars who’ve been famous for decades and actresses nearly always fit in the bland Bollywood Stepford wife mold of beautiful, coy, young, buubly and model-esque with long hair and kohl-ed eyes.

    Film music is usually has the same Punjabi dance vibes and as is often lifted from Asian and Middle Eastern tunes.

    Fashion too, is dominated by the likes of Manish Malhothra and the Bollywood show-stopper brigade. Experimental, risk-taking designers with a strongly individual aesthetic sense are more the exception than the norm.

    This is the kind of ‘inspiration’ that I’ve resigned my self to as inevitable in Indian popular cuture, and I’m surprised to see such a strong reaction against it.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      I disagree on the film music part ~ There have been lot of original scores from south indian film industry which does not have punjabi vibes or any other outside influence. Carnatic music & hindustani composition rule some of the film music as well (which again have been indigenous to our culture).

      1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

        I was talking about mainstream popular culture, not traditional/ regional art. There is definitely a lot of innovation there, I agree :-) And in cinema too, for example, in Bengali films.

  22. Sabita at | | Reply

    G&N are no “designers”, they are just plain hacks, ripping off someone’s hard work and talent and trying to pass it off as their own…they should be ashamed, as a person who writes, I can not tell you how difficult the process is,how tough it is go get your final product, it is a pity that people have no appreciation for someone’s hard work.

  23. CK at | | Reply

    I really wish there were more ‘Indian’ designs. There is such a rich culture of fabric and patterns in India. But all we get to see is Bollywood rehashed every year or designers being influenced by European designers. Or we see designers who’s work look like fashion school projects.

    We need to see more designers have the Indian flavor in their designs – something that makes them unique.

    I wish our designers looked into India for inspiration and not other international designers.

  24. nandita at | | Reply

    wow! someone should print this in mainstream media! the jokes up guys! wake up! NOW!

  25. Roxanne at | | Reply

    The second picture, last image, the canary cream one with the big ‘flower’ – I made a flower smaller and ditto for my Xmas dress last year, with an origami pattern, which I admitedly ripped off the internet..
    Just google ‘Foley origami dress’

  26. aparna at | | Reply

    jesus christ an idle mind is a devils workshop. get a life everyone.

  27. meghnab at | | Reply

    have watched this entire show online n also checked out valentino. hardly any similarities. g+n have always made exceptionally beautiful clothes with that frou frou look that is common to all these int brands. give them a break guys

  28. ratna at | | Reply

    No doubt it falls into the same category of old world international designers but this has been their distinct look from the beginning. Than god at least someone is doing beautiful red carpet wear in this country ! Otherwise we’d only see hideous bling and Sari’s on the actresses!

  29. prat at | | Reply

    usually love the designer duo but this is too much for summer resort. except for white, nothing resorty – only too fussy.

  30. Pixie at | | Reply

    Oh no!! their clothes used to be so wearable. and now this??
    sighh!! BIG BIGGG disappointment!!

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