Spotted Malaika Arora in a fabulous Gauri and Nainika dress from their Fall collection and looking absolutely smokin’!! Just that, those earrings are one serious mismatch, but nonetheless, smokin’!

jul24-malaika_gauri_2.jpg jul24-malaika_gauri13.jpg

Malaika Arora Khan

jul24-gn-11.jpg jul24-gn-21.jpg

Gauri And Nainika Fall 2008

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  1. I actually don’t mind the earrings with that dress. I love any earring that is big and ethnic-inspired. Besides, it’s nice to see her in something other than some short, form-fitting ,polyester number.

  2. Malaika does look smokin HOT! She should not have worn the earrings though…
    Love the dress! Wish Gauri and Nainika made dresses for us normal i.e. a bit cheaper!

  3. I love this collection, at least the pics I see here. Malaika looks good in the dress but could have done something about the slightly frizzy hair. A slick and shiny ponytail might have looked better.

  4. i agree with the girls above that the red dress looks best. and malaika isn’t looking her usual hot self. could age have finally caught up with her?

  5. love the outfit but doesn’t those earring look like their seen before, i think deepika padukone wore them at zee cine awards in london with her black slimed-out dress

  6. i don’t like malaika here in these pics. the hair, the expression, the dress, the earrings…nothing is nice. i like the red dress on the ramp.

  7. She’s a good model as she has great features, but her ‘I’m so sexy, look at me’ vibes ruin it. Women who shove their sexiness down your throat are a total turn off.

  8. Malaika wore this same gown, hairstyle and earrings to an episode of zara nachke dikha to be aired next monday! She looked a bit weird on the show.

  9. Agree with Saya- she looks old, jaded and plain unattractive…MA needs to send her “sultry” demeanor packing…Its stale…And frankly, can only be excused in teenagers (simply because of their apparent naivete)..


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