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  1. sandhya at | | Reply

    Like it :)

  2. Ruchi R at | | Reply


  3. pooh at | | Reply

    I actually dnt like this self proclaimed fashionista n star n supermodel who has big acquaintances in bollywood n blah blah blah blah …specly after bigg boss! !so I dnt care to look wat she s wearing!

    1. M at | | Reply

      You are on the wrong webpage “pooh”. We are here for the dresses, hair and shoes.

      1. pooh at | | Reply

        Aaaaaaand here comes to her rescue , “gau’s ” sister “N” in disguise of “M”!!! ;-p :-D

  4. Tj at | | Reply

    I can’t see anything past her ridiculous pose!

    1. Ak at | | Reply

      All these comments critisizing the poses.. Do you expect them to stand in attention??

  5. Rads at | | Reply

    Think she looks smashing…

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