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    Gauhar looks good…But the outfit is plain ridiculous

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    Very tacky outfit ..The makeup and hair making her look harsh

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    Shout out to you and loads of applaud for the frequent posts and the prompt coverage of IIFA…Being a loyal fan of HHC, I am hoping that we have more frequent posts on this blog…

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    Tacky to the core. She has no business being here with that atrocious outfit

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    Can Gauhar Wirk it? I am afraid she Khan-t.
    This is an atrocious creation by a designer whose talent, according to me, is as dubious as the lullas and Ramonas of this world. Gauhar is obviously taking a leaf off from mallika’s inglorious Basterds premier look. The classic shock and awe but while sherawat was blaise about it, khan is actually honking she can make ‘this’ look classy yet risqué. Close, but no cigar

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      Hehehe! I love a good pun!

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    Tacky! reminds me an outfit Mallika Sherwat wore at an international film festival

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    I am almost wondering if this “gown” would have looked better without those panels… as much as I am not a fan of super short dresses on the red carpet…

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    I saw her in person and the gown actually looked good on her…several times better than how it looks in the photos. The train is a lot more effective when she is walking.

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    What is this? Gauhar looks like a Vegas performer in this – all she’s missing is a headpiece.

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    She’s channeling her inner Malaika Arora.

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    Vegas go-go dancer meets 300. Tacky!

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    This dress is quite blah but Gauhar sure does look breathtaking.. She is one the most beautiful Indian actresses I’ve seen that can evn make the worst outfits look spectacular

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    another malaika sherawat in the making.

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    Why is she at IIFA, again?

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      I have the same question about many others, we only see them at events but in no movies…

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    Excellent make up ruined by such a tacky outfit!

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    Tacky!!! The posing makes it worse.

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