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  1. Anonymous at | | Reply

    whats she holding her tumy like that for?

  2. amna at | | Reply

    ME NO LIKEY! i think the black net is killing the outfit and it shldv been knee lenght and also bags like this i.e. shoulder bags look good on shoulders ..

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Does anyone know where can I buy Sabyasachi’s clothes in bangalore and delhi ?
    He doesnt have an official site so no chance of online-shopping too .

  4. Neeku at | | Reply

    the bag not at all goes with the outfit… and also the dress is ugly too…

  5. sherry at | | Reply

    thumbs down on the dress and thumbs up on the bag.

  6. benicharmz at | | Reply

    the dress looks very JC Penny promish doesn’t it? no go for me!

  7. Anonymous at | | Reply

    I have the same bag in drak brown! Its to die for. But Ridhima just killed it with this outfit.

  8. simran at | | Reply

    There is a store called “AZA” at a mall called “The Crescent” in Delhi that retails sabyasachi. There is also a store called kimaya that sells sabyasachi

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