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  1. Anonymous at |

    i love d dress. it’s WORTH REPEATING.
    good to see celebs showing their more humble side :)

  2. Anonymous at |

    Oh god! I really wish celebs would STOP showing their “more humble side” read “boring” side. Why exactly are they different then, than the avg person? Even look (make-up, hairstyle) the same all the time.

    Where does all the money go? Is there any creativity? If you don’t have creativity, go buy it please -aka stylist.
    But don’t go around buying ridiculously expensive UGLY clothes and/or repeating them.

    I wonder which is worse, repeating clothes or ugly choice.

  3. Anonymous at |

    I love the churidaar. Making a lot of money doesnot mean that you have to live and breathe clothes. Kudos for repeating….thumbs up for being real! Also do they have to entertain when they are off camera too? Gosh!

  4. Anonymous at |

    Be real…. Cannot repeat clothes.. what about the ecological footprint you are advising these people to generate… be consicous and conscientious.

  5. Anonymous at |

    What ecological footprint? As humans we are the single most destructive force on this planet. Probably causing the denudation of the entire eco system. Do we care, NO!! Let her repeat, its her life and her wish…and we all know she can afford NOT to, so if she does…so be it!

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