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  1. Anonymous at | | Reply

    To be fair in the second comparison she is visting a temple, it’s not like she’s attending an actual event!

  2. Rashmi at | | Reply

    If only I had the body and height of Shilpa……I’d have dressed up much better than she does.

    I have noticed that these Indian celebrities…they fail in one thing or the other in their whole ensemble. If they are dressed very well then the shoes don’t complement their attire. If they’re wearing the proper outfit AND shoes, then the bags won’t work. aai yai yaiii…


  3. Nepali at | | Reply

    The grey top is cute. The colours and prints combination of the kameez are a little overwhelming. The shoes could have been different.

  4. the mad momma at | | Reply

    have you noticed she has this new – I have arrived expression in every picture these days?! its the WLIFW pic.. look at your old pics and you will see this same ‘I know every eye is on me’ expression!

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    OH PLEASE EVERY EYE IS ON HER….INCLUDING YOURS!! Whats with this expertise on body language everyone is sprouting nowadays. She has made it, just give her that.

    On her outfit grey t shirt – strange. and the other outfit is nice, only her shoes are strange, make her feet looooong.

  6. fiona at | | Reply

    atleast be happy for her not every woman her age gets where she has gotten

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