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  1. Priti at | | Reply

    I really do think that Shriya Saran is a pretty girl…and she is looking good in the Black gown..As for Diya…dont care much for the bright red…and is she wearing chunky shoes on the runaway…whatever!!..

    P&P..the headers of Shriya’s pics are exchanged..:)

  2. jen at | | Reply

    P & P the titles under Shreya’s pic got switched!

    I m liking the poster look too,red is too bright n nt doin neth for her n tht extra glow tht hz bn added to da pic mks it look worse!

  3. jen at | | Reply

    do i spot a black shoe under tht scarlet gown…..well thr goes da last hope of finding atleast da accessories right

  4. saya at | | Reply

    like the poster color better on Dia. she’s got a weird fake smile on the runway which is not working!

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    both are…ok
    nothing special

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    i love the acid factory dia poster! she looks hot, like a comic book thing! wow!

  7. Belle at | | Reply

    she should stop resorting to that pale looking makeup. like katria. tey need a change!

    the dress doesn’t look so bad, like on the poster it looks awesome compared to the runway. but she still look pretty

  8. HHC lover at | | Reply

    ‘ACID FACTORY’……..the name had so much scope for a “pharoo” work on fashion but Im Disappointed to the core!!!!

  9. Sharin at | | Reply

    I think both colours look great on her. I don’t see what you guys are talking about :(

  10. ankit at | | Reply

    ultra glam!!! like her new look(in d poster)..wat a makeover!! though the red dress she is wearin on the runway is ok..still she looks pretty!! waiting to see her in acid factory!

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