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  1. DeLight at | | Reply

    i like Freida better here. Combination of hair, makeup, clutch, shoes.. she looks fab!

  2. jas at | | Reply

    Freida looks better!!! She makes the dress look more lively and vibrant!!!!

  3. Ashi at | | Reply

    Freida definitely wins this one. Melania is too old for a babydoll dress.

  4. Chevalier at | | Reply

    Definitely Freida for me. Better hair & make-up (what’s with Melanie’s green-gray heavy eyelids?), MUCH better bra (ahem!), and infinitely kewler D&G (if more masochistic) shoes vs. the same old satin pumps on Melanie.
    Only wish Frieda had chosen a different clutch color. She didn’t follow the Coco Chanel dictum of ONE less accessory.

    1. Belle at | | Reply

      what do you mean by that? like i know too much accessories is bad…but she doesnt have many accessories on in the first place. and some people also follow the rule of matching shoes and bag…

      or is it bad coz she also has black on her dress?

      lol someone please explain to me coz im now officially confused.

  5. KT at | | Reply

    love the dress…. the belt detail is so pretty… freida rocks it!

  6. Preethi at | | Reply


  7. charan at | | Reply

    Because Melania is a little top heavy than Freida, it doesnt look like it rocks on her.
    I definitely think it looks great on Freida.

  8. VA at | | Reply

    Freida wins…but what is with that cross-legged look EVERYTIME…even sophie choudhary does the same….makes one look taller, wateva…but bored with it…

  9. CD at | | Reply


  10. RZ Sokol at | | Reply

    frieda! she is an awesome clothes horse, with that fresh face and smile

  11. Dee at | | Reply

    Freida wins for sure. She’s looks amazing here.

    1. Dee at | | Reply

      oops meant to say…She looks amazing here.

  12. Shilpa at | | Reply

    I think Freida’s clutch worked better, but Melania’s shoes were a better choice in my opinion…Freida’s were a bit too clunky for my liking with this dress…

  13. NJ at | | Reply

    Love Melania’s Loboutin peep-toes, but Frieda looks wayyy better! She was on fire at that time.

  14. Su at | | Reply

    Freida, ofcourse! Melania does not even come close. Freida’s hair, make-up, smile, attitude – she’s really rocking this dress!

  15. Antonia at | | Reply

    Freida’s face & hair looks stunning. But I HATE her shoes.
    Is it just me or does the belt look like it’s worn too high up on Freida?

    1. monika at | | Reply

      I felt the same

  16. pan at | | Reply

    frieda ki jai ho!

  17. nalini at | | Reply

    i like melania’s clutch and shoes better, but the dress looks good on both ladies

  18. Siddharth at | | Reply

    I think Frieda Pinto dresses very well.. she may not be perfectly beautiful but she does indeed dress far better than many of them.

  19. aishwarya at | | Reply

    dat dress luks much better on freida than melania
    d black accesories work well in contrast wid d pale dress

  20. Sharin at | | Reply

    Freida for sure although Melania looks pretty fierce too.

  21. jenny at | | Reply

    does anyone know what this dress is called or where I can find it? It’s gorgeous but I can’t find it online. Thanks.

  22. Usha at | | Reply

    Both wear their looks well.But love Freida’s hair..so feminine and beautiful.

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