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    The close up picture is just so strange … it’s giving her face such an off, manly frame. Perhaps it’s because of the hair … Really not buying that updo anyways …. it’s messy in all the wrong ways.

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      I knew some ppl will say gorgeous, but I guess they all are in love with this lady hence they can’t see where she goes wrong.
      The contour is too much, especially on the nose..makes her look unhuman.

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        Unhuman reallly…? maybe you mean inhuman.

        Lets face it people just love to hate coz theirJealous…. Jellllllllllllllllllus

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    I do not care for the gold gown, updo or make up.

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      + 1

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    Love the colour on her. But something wrong about the hair or makeup which makes her look really tired.

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    Freda looks good. Love the gold gown.

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    can she get glamorous than this?

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    Not liking this look one bit. She looks like a cheerful heroin addict.

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      Looks like those middle aged ammas with their hair just starting to grow back after donating it in Tirupati
      I don’t mean this in an offensive way…just an immediate relation my senses conjured up..

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        Ha ha, agree

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    Not feeling it. the fit seems off. I wish she had left her hair down

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    flawless make up and stylng. I think many Indians object to her square face and broad cheek bones, which is precisely what western people highlight.

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      so damn right!

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    her makeup is excellent and i like that she skipped earrings, but the messy updo is messy in all sorts of wrong ways and makes her look masculine. the hair looks like a poorly made wig, actually. a sleeker updo would have looked better.

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      she looks masculine irrespective of what she wears.

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    Dislike the gown, hair and makeup.

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    Nice, but why so crumpled?

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    nothing right with this look. did she do her own hair?

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    the gown looks to foil-ish to me… love the serpentine neck ONLY!

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    How can you like this look on Frida, but not Kangana’s look at the Cavalli store launch. The whole look is just bizarre. She deserve much better.

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    thinkin u guys r way too nice to her … surely the eyesore of a necklace vis a vis the rest of the look and especially the neckline is quite in your face … no points there !!

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    the gown is not even ironed cmon p n p . if the same was done by some1 whos not as big as her you would have ripped them apart. this is a fashion blog. can we not be biased here please.

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    Simply lovely!

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    dont know what is so lovely about her, i find her below average, she is short with a very plain and simple body structure and face, I guess it must be fame, other than that she is even less than the girl next door, every time I see her, it looks as if every one from custom to makeup and hair try so hard to make her look beautiful but it is just failing

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      Not true, your standards of beauty are wayyy off. You most likely find someone like Kareena really good looking.. proly coz of her skin color and light colored eyes.

      Let me state here really clearly that Freeda is one hell of a hot smoking gorgeous woman who wear a sack and look good. Her beauty also stems from her uber cool attitude and her great confidence and body language. Her international appeal makes every country claim she belongs to them,what will the latinos and mexicans and portuguese all claiming that she has genes from their race…Everyone xcept for fair skin digging Indians are crazy about her… So there

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        Completely agree with you auntykitty.

        I’m tired of hearing people say things like “she looks like any other girl on the street” or “she looks like my maid.”

        I have lived in India for 13 years and I’ve never seen a girl that has made me think “wow she looks like Freida Pinto”. Moreover, if you say that your maid looks like her, I’m just going to assume you have a smoking hot maid!

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          And I know “me” that you didn’t use either of those sentences but it seems to go along with the same stream of things. I think she’s beautiful and has a better sense of style than most Bollywood actresses!

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