In Peter Pilotto


When Fashion Critic (of RCFA) posted Freida in this Peter Pilotto dress while just out and about we were quite surprised. The dress just seemed too striking to be worn for a just-a-stroll look.

Turns out that Ms. Pinto wore this dress to Nicholas Kirkwood’s store opening earlier in the day. For the event, it was orange Kirkwood sandals before Freida switched out to flats.

Left: Peter Pilotto Spring 2011
Right: Freida Pinto at Nicholas Kirkwood Store Opening

Photo Credit: Wireimage


  1. love it head to toe :)
    Just wish she had left out the strip from the belt like the model has, but its not important.

    Can’t wait to see her at cannes!!

    • LOL – this looks more like a grandma dress than the Lanvin and it barely works on the tall model and just overwhelms Freida.

    • dude if you like Freida’s look , then comment about her…no need to compare. FYI , Aish is 35+ and still looks
      fab! And you don’t call them grandma dresses…they’ve their own fan following.

  2. True blue fashionista, love how she can pull off anything. love the orange shoes. This girl can work anything… damn put her in a barrel and she will shine

  3. I wish she had belted it as the model on the runway had but the dress is still absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see her look at Cannes!

  4. I wish she had belted it the way it was done on the runway model but I still think the dress is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see her look at Cannes.


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