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  1. Randeep at | | Reply

    Wow she looks absolutely stunning.

    1. miumiauw at | | Reply

      I agree. She rarely has a miss.

  2. @PNP at | | Reply

    What’s the cost of this dress??

  3. @PNP at | | Reply

    I love this dress..According to ET Canada freida is wearing a new ALEXANDER MCQUEEN dress for the premier of this film.That dress dress is far more gorgeous that this one

  4. @PNP at | | Reply

    Pnp Pinto was also spotted at Victoria secrets gifting suite wearing a black dress.So in one day she wore three gorgeous dresses.

  5. Ashwini at | | Reply

    She is GLOWING! Lots of desi girls look amazing in that shade of blue.

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    The curls make her look a bit like Sonali Kulkarni.

  7. CCCookies at | | Reply

    I love that her hair does not look over processed unlike others. Beautiful

  8. Zaza at | | Reply

    Love this color on her, she wears it so much better than the model – I agree, I’m glad her lovely loose curls cover the black strap!
    – She looks faboosh!

  9. javajive at | | Reply

    she looks fab!

  10. Anu C at | | Reply

    She looks great – color really works for her and I wish I could buy that dress (and then go to a premiere, of my own movie, directed by Woody Allen – clearly I want someone else’s life :)

    Looking forward to more of her appearances now that she has 2 back to back movies coming up.

  11. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Lovely.. she looks so fresh faced and glowing

  12. Aara at | | Reply

    She has a charming smile!!! Me likey…

  13. KS at | | Reply

    Simple elegant perfect for press conference. she looks fab!

  14. mili at | | Reply

    she makes us proud… n love the colour making he look fresh as ever….

  15. Evangelia at | | Reply

    Hi pnp why haven’t u posted her pics from victoria secrets gift suite even where she was wearing a beautiful polka dot black dress?

  16. Sangeeta at | | Reply

    She looks really pretty but the dress is mucho ugly!

    It looks like a sari that’s been cut from the bottom with some silly black belt to hold it up.

  17. rêve at | | Reply

    *LOVE* the color on her…shoes..not so much….also the dress seems to have an odd length…or would it sit better on a taller woman?

  18. @PNP at | | Reply

    Hi pnp freida was at Guess portrait studio at toronto film festival today wearing a gorgeous white dress.

  19. Zaardinah at | | Reply

    I like the fact that even after making the cross over to Hollywood *figuratively* she doesn’t feel the overwhelming need to dye her hair some horrendous unnatural shade of occidental hair colour…*reminds me of a certain Miss Burnt Hair*

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