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  1. Gowri at | | Reply

    She looks chic, classy and elegant… her trademark.

  2. Anoushka at | | Reply

    The dress is looking more like a nurse’s uniform or a chef’s outfit and it’s not event appropriate.

    1. Siri at | | Reply

      ..which costs just $2600! ;-)

  3. Ritika at | | Reply

    Always classy :D

  4. SK at | | Reply

    Unfortunately she looks more like a receptionist at a spa.

  5. Lalitha Challa at | | Reply

    Cleanlines and she carries it off perfectly….idont see need for pop of colour when u pick a dress like this …..she looks elegant ….

  6. Shwetha at | | Reply

    You are are at the press meet!!! How cool is that, hope you have some selfies to share on HHC…. would love to see you guys on the red carpet too :)

    1. nikita at | | Reply

      I don’t think HHC is at the press meet. I would interpret the sentence as “Freida was seen looking chic in a Gucci dress at the press meet for the Global Citizen Music Festival which is happening in Mumbai as we type .”

      1. Fergie at | | Reply


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