In Chanel Couture


You can’t but help notice the Indian influence in this Chanel Couture dress. If you ignore the skirt, the top part totally feels like a pallu over a blouse but let’s get back to Freida, shall we?

As much as we want to love this on Freida, the deal breaker for us were those metallic pumps. With the dress already being an odd length, those shoes just exaggerated the effect. This one, we didn’t like. You?

Freida Pinto at Miral Premiere at TIFF 2010

Freida Pinto at Miral Premiere at TIFF 2010

Photo Credit: Style


  1. The weird length and shoes notwithstanding.. what’s up with her hair.. looks like she was spring-cleaning before suddenly dressing up and heading out!

  2. Me gets, what she is trying to achieve..The dress is loud, so play your hair and makeup down…Look, finally what she got, a confused disaster!!!

  3. Chanel designs are so boring and outdated. it’s just the label. they put whatever crap they can find and try to make it look like it’s high end fashion on another level or have classic appeal with modern inputs. which just doesn’t work..arghhh

  4. Frieda usually looks good in gowns but this just looks cheap and satiny on her – looks better on the model, maybe the hairdos not helping either.

  5. ahh finally a look that i complete hate ….she was having such a good run , goes to prove she is human afterall, a little slip here and there is fine …but i do blame the dress more than the styling the length is just not right

  6. What frieda’s wearing is awful….the gown that model is wearing is some other fabric n Frieda’s is satin. The length is looking so odd on her. The shoes add to the disastrous look……. what say abt the fit??? A total misfit….hate it completely.

  7. I’ve never seen a Chanel that I’ve hated, but the length and pseudo pallu with the random brooch make the dress so awkward.

    Sigh, I suppose there’s ALWAYS a first time for everything.

  8. Pnp what is the meaning for couture?..even though pinto has worn lot of chanel dresses before this the first time i see u mentioning this word…pls reply me

  9. I would argue that this isn’t an indian inspired dress at all. I reckon it is more traditional Scots/Highland influenced, which, I suspect is why it looks ‘right’, with the boots. Although I could be wrong! :)

  10. This appearance of Freida’s seems too forced. Bad dress to begin with, her hair and makeup is not helping. Her prev appearances were natural, notwithstanding the clothes she always had a great smile – here it looks like she is forcing herself to smile.

  11. Not a good look from Chanel. Like they suddenly decided to get inspired by dull European royalty.

    Also, what’s with the profusion of metal in clothing these days? It just looks hideous.

  12. Me too, feels the same…Off late her smile seems forced and commented it for the Marchesa dress she wore…pnp why isn’t it not moderated?

  13. The colour is gorgeous.. its the length that’s wrong.. maybe nude shoes would have worked better. I like diffrent hairdos so am fine with her hair .. I guess she is tired and that is probably the single biggest factor.. with the right attitude one can pull off anything.. its the 1st time, she is not perfect.. so forgiven.. and I hate the comparsions with a saree just coz shes Indian.. get it folks.. this is NOT a saree


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