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    She is one classy and graceful woman!love all her appearances

    1. Sapphire at | | Reply

      Designer clothes and stylist doesn’t matter, there has to be innate class and grace to look as poised as her. Freida is one such woman and not to forget her flawless makeup invariably.

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    Wow! she’s nailed all the three looks, love her make-up always.

  3. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    She looks fabulous in all the 3 looks. But that pink Ferragamo coat in the middle pic – LUST! Love her shoe game in all the three looks. And her make up is always on point.

  4. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Each look is so refreshing and spells so “haute-couture”, the kind only she can carry! That Pink Ferragamo coat is *drool* worthy. That particular look is vibrant, sprightly yet so sophisticated. The other 2 looks are equally polished as well. Awesome shoes in each look.

  5. trupsster at | | Reply

    I love how Frieda carries designer clothing so well. They never overwhelm or underwhelm her; its always the case of she wearing the outfit. I love that about her. Also, her makeup and accessorising too is never overdone or screaming for attention; its charming and pleasing to the eyes. Major love!

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    She looks fab in all three outfits. But I’m just all kinds of stuck on that Ferragamo coat.

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