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  1. tanni at | | Reply

    the dress is beautiful
    but on freida, everything is wrong
    She is too severe
    there is a hint of peekabo, dress is not right size i suppose
    very bad makeup with droopy eyes and shiney cheek.

  2. sani at | | Reply

    Except for the makeup, I love the look

  3. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    I personally prefer the runway look with the cinched waist. On Freida it looks like an ill-fitting frock!

    1. Hema at | | Reply

      I agree, the cinched waist is a better look. Freida looks dumpy in this version. All that gathering at the waist doesn’t help even a slim girl like her.

      1. fashionista at | | Reply


  4. Paroma at | | Reply

    Love the dress

  5. Amber at | | Reply

    I like how she looks! Nice hair makeup after ages and I even like the shoes

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I love the dress but not on Frieda. It would look nice on someone with a more hourglass type of figure i am guessing.

  7. Sara at | | Reply

    The fit around the chest area is not good at all

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