Freida and Dev At The DGA Awards: A First Look


While Freida chose a shimmery cocktail number, Dev went formal with a suit and bow-tie. At this do, liked Dev better than Frieda. What about you?

Update: Freida is in Zac Posen with Jimmy Choo shoes and clutch and Amrapali jewels. Should have guessed the dress was a Posen considering the draping was so much like the white number from the Critic’s Choice Awards. Doh!


Left: Freida Pinto at Director’s Guild Of America Awards
Right: Zac Posen, Spring 2009


Freida Pinto and Dev Patel at Director’s Guild Of America Awards



  1. Hot dress (who is it by?). Shes always wearing peeptoes its getting kinda tiring having to see them paired with just about everything she wears. Dev looks adorable i love the bow tie, is that burberry (i read somewhere that it was?!?!)

  2. I mentioned in another thread that she seems to like bright colors instead of shimmery stuff, and here she is all shimmery. Maybe she reads HHC, LOL.

  3. dev sure outshines freida most of the times they r together…. btu this time its freida whos SHINING!!!
    The dress is a little too blingy

  4. I dissagree, I think she looks fabulous!
    If her look was getting monotonous- this ended that.
    The more I look at this dress, the more I love it. Love the shoes with the dress, and I love that she always uses an interesting dress (whether it’s the material, color or cut/draping) as her “focus point” and keeps everyhting else simple. Hers’ is the name most synonymous with “chic” in the Indian film Industry :)
    I’m ALL about the “chic”

  5. freida normally rocks with her dress choices but this time she took a wrong turn. the dress is too ‘disco dancer’ blingy. she’s young though and is allowed an off day or two. dev looks good here.

  6. Freida’s once again in Zac Posen. That’s why the drape’s similar to the white one she wore earlier. She seems to fare much better at international red carpets than Indian ones.

  7. I love the dress and it looks great on her. The length is perfect and so is the style of the dress. She could have used alternate shoes…but they still look great on her. For an evening event, this is perfect.

  8. as stated above as well… getting a lil tired of freida wearing the similar kinds of shoes..the same ol peeptoes…..i mean i love her an all that jazz..but for gods sake can we get to see sum awesome droolworthy shoes!?!?!?!??!

  9. That is one hot dress. But maybe a little too hot for an awards ceremony…oh well, she still looks good. And I really like the draping on this dress.

  10. i must say that this woman sure scores when it comes ti short dresses and she bagged heself 2nd and 3rd position in so many fashion polls.and i think you didnt discover her in a jean paul gaultier dress.

  11. speaking about the dress, I actually love the dress. An it looks really good on her, Dev is the cuteeee… here, as always. love this boy

  12. i must say that this woman sure scores when it comes to short dresses and she bagged heself 2nd and 3rd position in so many fashion polls.and i think you didnt discover her in a jean paul gaultier dress.

  13. I think the hair is busier than the dress…hate those curls. She should have worn her hair pulled back so that the shoulders of the dress were visible.The dress looks gorgeous on her though!

  14. She looks fab fab fab!! I love the dress and I agree with @pdaervo – love the fact that she can carry bling so well and keeps the rest of her look – shoes and bag simple!!

  15. Awesome…once again!! The more I see of her, the more I hope Katrina, Bips, Ash and the ‘blingy’ bollywood brigade take a cue or two from her.

  16. the dress on frieda is FABULOUS…..but has anyone noticed Devs bow tie matches Frieda s dress (colour)…..or is it just me ? :S XD

  17. She looks gorgeous and incredibly chic. She’s amazing at looking effortlessly put together and I like her minimalist approach. The length of the dress makes it bling-appropriate!

  18. I dont like her hairstyle here. It is making her already thin face look even thinner.
    I like Dev though( i always like him if u kno wat i mean)..he’s lookin a bit dorky but in a good way. :)

  19. @tehzeeb.. i noticed how his bow tie matches her dress too..

    i love her outfit.. shes had way more hits or no f-ups on all international stages – and deserves credit for it.. the one i disliked the most was her mumbai weird peach outfit..

    waiting for the oscars too!

  20. i cant get over this girl.. where did she come from and how did she learn to dress so well?? lol… she seems comfortable with celebrity status..:-) she looks fantastic.

  21. She look pretty but that model – She is FIERCE ! It is amazing how the same dress looks so different on different women !
    I’d love to see Frieda trying out a different hairstyle…something bolder…It will be a great contrast to her girly features…

  22. @ tehzeeb

    hahhaha they do match each other awwwwww:)
    i think dev looks soooooo good. *drools*
    and i love love love this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Frieda is so stunning!!!! She pulls off looks effortlessly most of the time. Dev is adorable but Freida looks GOrgeous!!! I love her outfit…I dont know many people that can pull this look off but she definitely can.

  24. I love this shimmery dress and the color of it. I love how Freida is looking, BUT there is one thing I wanted to mention – i think the layer that comes from the right to the left makes the hips of the person look wider than they are. That’s the only thing I didn’t like bout the dress.

  25. p&p, do they get these dresses for free? i never really understood the whole concept. do designers use such occasions to publicize their outfits or do the stars actualy have to buy it/

  26. I heart Freida here – the dress is fun, the make up and hair youthful and sophisticated, and the smile worth a million bucks. Me like!

  27. k=,
    Yes, they get the dresses for free! :)
    The point is that the designers get free publicity by having one of their dresses on a famous person. Case in point, Jason Wu/Isabel Toledo, who are now a household name thanks to Michelle.


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