1. These were amazing. I cannot believe how much times have changed since I was a tween. I had no idea about fashion as these young ladies do. That’s what technology can do.

  2. Have been viewing these blogs off and on. Like most of the post. The styles in fab Blab are bit too safe for me…but Arushi’s got a smart mouth. She knows her style and what looks good on her which is amazing considering how young she is. In a few years time I think she will be the fashion editor for India’s very own online fashion mag.

  3. I took a quick visit to all those….but in the middle of my hectic schedule i can follow highheel only….All the best for other bloggers…keep going

  4. Oh Thank you Thank you so much! I have been looking for some Indian fashionista blogs to follow forever. You just made my day. =)


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