For Your Reading Pleasure

It’s been way too long since we did a post like this. Check these blogs out, show ’em some love and, tell ’em we sent you! :)

You can check out the previous edition here.

Bombay Bubble
Don’t Shoe Me
Style Drive
Curious Fancy
The Hidden Button
Masala Chai
The Devil Wore

Happy reading!

The Blogs

5 Responses

  1. Aaroohi at | | Reply

    I like Styledrive… she creates a balance btwn creative and do-able … all other blogs r too crazy.. something with normal readers don’t wish to follow..
    but after seeing em all I can totally get why HHC is best. I’ll still be addicted to HHC only.

  2. Ratna at | | Reply

    I love Style drive!

  3. Pragati at | | Reply

    I really enjoyed this post. Thx for sharing these blogs.

  4. Pavitra at | | Reply

    Thanks for the love girls!
    I absolutely love HHC! flawless!


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