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  1. dipz at | | Reply

    can’t wait till the show airs…it would be really exciting to see what these ladies will have to say…I love some of these womens opinions regarding fashion.

  2. Evare at | | Reply

    Herve Leger requires absolutely toned “tummies”,an edgy personality and spunk. Not droppy boobs or hair extensions either.Neither of these women do justice. Wish they had stuck to something simple, even jeans.

  3. Malini at | | Reply

    is it me or does Suzanne looks too top heavy for the dress. Gauri looks hauttttttttttttttttttttt!!!

  4. malini at | | Reply

    need better pictures of the dresses…
    from what i seen so far.. don’t like what Suz is wearing..
    ..wonder what else will they say about their lives.. which we haven’t heard already…..
    i am more interested in watching what maharani padmini or neerja birla has to say..rather the celeb wives..
    redchillies is producing it.. so gauri had to be in it…
    wonder why twinkle is not in there????

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Gauri looks nice
    Suzanne’s dress does not compliment her figure!
    a rather sexist show isn’t it :/

  6. Wannabe at | | Reply

    Suzanne totally needs to hitch it up in the chest area….what an ugly fit on her that dress is..can’t believe the designers let her walk on set looking like that…..

  7. Shruti at | | Reply

    Gauri looks amazing. That colour (it’s a deep purple) looks lovely on her

  8. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Wonder if we will ever see a show about men behind successful women. I guess none will turn up!!
    Girls, give Suzanne a break. Didn’t she just have a baby?

  9. mm at | | Reply

    i think audhana and kirron look good.

  10. Surbhi at | | Reply

    yeah, i know .. twinkle is missing.. and she should be there!

  11. aashiyana at | | Reply

    Nice but i guess they should diversify the women they interview:)

  12. lia at | | Reply

    Absolutely agree with Evare on the who can pull off Herve Leger!

    Well guys guess why Twinkle isn’t there, it’s a Red Chillies Production so SRK would only want his buddies on the show and not hiscompetitin…wierd show tho, I thought the same, would the men behind strong and succesfull women ever come to such a show, would they evevn accept the fact that their women are more succesfull then them?

    But back to fashion, Gauri thinks too much of herself (and others aswell) just because Herve Leger is really in right now it doesn’t mean she can pull it off, absolutely doesn’t have the body for it and makes it look tacky with those bad extensions!

  13. aastha at | | Reply

    wow!finally a hottt gauri khan.no oily make up,no animal print and purple really suits her man!rest all luk strictly okay…

  14. monika at | | Reply

    Suzanne looks bad especially with the false smile. Gauri is looking really nice. Any idea when the show is coming on air?

  15. k= at | | Reply

    gauri looks stunning! her hair looks barbie-dollish, but whatever she looks really pretty!!

    and i also loved how regal jaya bachan looked!

    yup suzanne shouldnt have chosen that dress! – makes her look top heavy.

    Sonia99: agreed she just had a baby, but she shouldnt have chosen that dress then!

  16. k= at | | Reply

    why is kiran kher a part of this? im honestly not asking this in a mocking way at all..

  17. MM at | | Reply

    i dont know if i liike gauri or suzanne.. suzanne is too washed out and gauri hair doesnt do it for me.. i did go to the website and checked out some of the photos – jaya bachchan and the elder ambani bro’s wife look good.. yes its the best i have seen of jaya bachchan in a while.. i think she has lost some weight..

  18. suraima at | | Reply

    Sonia99, I totally agree with you. None will turn up!

  19. i love chuck bass at | | Reply

    why should twinkle be up there? akshay is not up there yet.

  20. i love chuck bass at | | Reply

    just because twinkle has great fashion sense doesnt mean she belongs here…yet

  21. Bharati at | | Reply

    I think it is a little unfair to say the men won’t turn up , there are interviews where Shabana(Javed), Kiran bedi , alka yagnik, shobha de etc’s husbands have spoken about them . Most times the spouses may just be low-profile or media shy just like Aamir’s ex-wife Reena was.

    I guess this features “successful men ” not the “most successful” , though I will be interested in hearing the other women apart from suzanne and gauri

  22. lia at | | Reply

    Akshay is not up there yet? are you joking?

  23. Prat at | | Reply

    Twinkle is there and so is Akshay. If Hritik with possible handful of hits is there and considered Legendary Men….then I guess Akshay Kumar with rain of hits is SO THERE!!!

  24. xoxo at | | Reply

    is suzanne and gauri the only star wives…..????? gauri looks stunning thou..

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  26. spotit at | | Reply

    Tanya deol was on the show – intelligent, charming, pretty & hot @ the same time! and the hosts were crappy! like cardboard characters!!!!!!

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