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  1. lin at | | Reply

    What fugly clothes! Especially on the younger women. What’s with Kareena’s I-am-superior-than-thou pose in the 3rd pic? Honey, your dress is as much of an eye sore as Deepika’s! Deepika, to make matters worse, has her hands on her waist in all the pictures, as if she is afraid that the ugly pleats on her lingerie’esque dress are gonna come off any time!

    1. Shivangi at | | Reply

      hehe agreed about kareena,and nice catch ….as if she is afraid that the ugly pleats on her lingerie’esque dress are gonna come off any time!

      1. Anu at | | Reply

        I just noticed Kareena’s right shoulder. What a horrible Photoshop surgery.

    2. swati at | | Reply

      exactly, the hand pose is weird …. maybe she wants to cover up as much of the dress as possible :)

      and those bangles … urghhhh …

      reminds of women who will wear cocktail dresses immediately after marriage and ofcourse donot think about removing the shaadi-ka-chooda …..

      it feels the same here .. except instead of red there are blue bangles with some sort of kadhas … tacky

      btw, what the hell is sonam wearing ? Some sort of those horrendous deep harem pants , with gold necklace and huge blue beads …. eeeaks ??? ….. why couldn’t they have just shot her in whatever she came wearing to the shoot ….. and howcome she even agreed to this ?

  2. Sam at | | Reply

    Aww! I ADORE Karisma, so I think she always looks good. ;)

    Deepika’s outfit is HORRIBLE by the way…seriously who was responsible for that travesty?

  3. jen at | | Reply

    omg those blue bangles eww….and that dress itself is inappropriately short

  4. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    this seems so ridiculous and random…i mean what was the theme? (no, ‘women we love’ does not count). and the styling – i agree filmfare is not about fashion but why the random clothes? some are in dresses, some vintage, some plain tacky (ahem *Deepika*)…what the heck was the point of the cover? such a pity ‘cuz with all these lovely ladies this could have been a truly memorable cover.
    Also, Kareena looks positively stunning. I pity Deepika, she looks like a wannabe starlet in her clothes/accessories next to everyone else.

    1. MojitoLover at | | Reply

      I just read the write-up on filmfare re this issue and me going bleh. Seriously, tacky tacky.

  5. Anu at | | Reply

    On the contrary, I think this was a superb mixing up of colors blue black and white, scrolls, dots and shimmer.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Brilliant idea to add the pop of electric blue to the black and white.

    Love Waheeda’s and Hema’s sarees, Lolo and bebo’s dresses, and Sonams upper half. (which is what made it to the cover anyways!! LOL.)
    Deepika, not bad, but I’m still wondering how they photoshopped her so badly in the cover. Rekha..okay. Face is gorgeous as hell, but something wierd is going on there.

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      On a side note…..

      …just wondering….

      when was this photoshoot done? Didnt Karisma just have a baby?? Is that her post-baby body already??? Hmmm..envy.

      1. Shilpi at | | Reply

        Oh yeah..I completely forgot..that’s her post-baby body!! DAMN!!how does she do it?!?!

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Well, they all look great. It also is an ironic representation of what makes the film-industry so lack luster today. It’s more about getting as many famous people as you can in one shot than doing something creative and meaningful.

    Hahaha, I’m sorry, all I can think about is how Ms. Kareena Kapoor must have played to get that spot front and center. Love Sonam’s (and Rekha’s of course) red lips. I’ve been on a red lipstick spree.

  7. ngm82 at | | Reply

    I like kapoor sister’s make up! rest is all blah! and Karishma just had a baby! wow!

  8. pettyfogger at | | Reply

    Was Rekha shown the final product at all? She looks majorly pissed off/scary/extraterrestrial (I hate to say this but yes!). I could not recognise Sonam at all, even her face shape looks different!

  9. Kish at | | Reply

    It’s like they just could not agree to one theme and said: oh, the audience is dumb anyways, they’re not gonna notice that there is no flow nor continuity and is aesthetically ugly.
    And all the clothes are BEYOND horrendous. EW, that gown on Kareena! Thank god she has a pretty face- that’s the only thing that saves the look.

  10. AV at | | Reply

    What a horrible choice for “Women we love”.
    Where are Rani,Kajol,Aishwarya or Preity.Half of the girls are not really “legendary” actors like Deepika or Sonam .There are far ore deserving actors then these.

    And ya the dresses are mostly shoddy!

    1. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

      guess they had to work with the ones available and agreeable to work together!

  11. Mim at | | Reply

    In the last picture, is Kareena wearing 6″ heels? She looks taller than Deepika :-s

    1. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

      i was thinking the same thing

  12. PC at | | Reply

    I think Hema Malini looks resplendent..she looks like a million bucks, she looks WOW! She just takes the cake…as for Madam Re, I have to agree with pettyfogger. She does look as if she has walked out of a “Addam’s family reunion” kind of a movie..scary!

  13. olala at | | Reply

    if they did shoot altogether, how come the wind machine is working only on certain people?

    and is kareena really taller than deepika??

  14. suzy q at | | Reply

    it looks as though they were all cut-and-pasted in…which is weird because they all actually were together.

    clothes are terrible, waheeda (my idol) looks lovely. hema is tacky as always, what’s up with kareena, karisma has always been lackluster, sonam is amazing as always, and deepika, tacky as always. i love how different rekha is – going against the grain. nice.

    bummer bummer bummer.

  15. AM at | | Reply

    That hair distracted me – I thought it was La Kaif and just realised it’s Sonam. And I thought Kareena had a very interesting blouse under a bling sari until the full length horror of the gown was revealed.

    Rekha – who I quite love – is very very odd here – everyone else has pleasant expressions and there she is in a corner looking like the sort who would be the evil high preistess of a horror flick.

  16. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    someone explain to me what’s the point of getting them all together and then photoshopping them in place? maybe they could never get everyone to look “good” in the same shot :P anyways i doubt all 7 were together…same day yes same time not really.

  17. Violet at | | Reply

    Feast for the eye even though it’s not perfect. Missing a lot other deserving ladies on here but I guess they couldn’t have fitted them all. And yeah, wondered the same about Rekha! Wish she was giving that nice confident self-assured calm looking smile. Can understand the expression she was trying to go for, but it’s simply not looking good.

  18. Violet at | | Reply

    Not fashion-related, but somehow I am not liking Rekha at the back in the corner. I’d have put her somewhere in the center.

  19. H at | | Reply

    It’s poorly photoshoped, specially rekha & sonam’s faces. rekha’s expressions are weird too. & why only kareena’s hair getting air? Deepika’s dress & style is worst here.

  20. olala at | | Reply

    if they did shoot together, the picture should have had more interaction going between them! such a pity that they look photoshopped together…(still, why isnt their hair flying the same way?)

    anywya, for a second i thoguth rekha was wearing her black velvet sari…

  21. priya at | | Reply

    deepika looks so horribly out of place.

  22. anon2 at | | Reply

    Somehow the picture looks like a jigsaw puzzle all gone wrong.No heads match the correct bodies!

  23. spongy at | | Reply

    vooo seems like a ekta kappor ke serial ki cast…in the centre are the granny and her good bahu..bottom row has the good daughter{lil snobbish} wid her married sis in the top row{she always have rift wid her hubby n loves to hang out in her mums home}..top row blue one is the good sis’s cousin {her parents died in plane crash..shes the one who makes all the sacrifices}top left corner is the bua..she s the oen wid the mental dialogs n rolls eyes n wears big bindi n ott makeup n next to her is her daughter who is jealous of the good sis’s n cousins rapport n her only motive is to steal husbands frm sisters(the married sis is in truble coz of her..)
    umm…its my holidays n ma make me watch all the serials…
    all the charaters above are in no way fictional n resemble to someone or the other..plz fel free to get offended…: D..

    1. AV at | | Reply

      Haha…love your description…Some of them are actually worth working in K serials only :-),with their poor acting skills.

    2. Anu at | | Reply

      LOL!! Spongy – You have an awesome imagination! …
      …..and you were spot on with each character!

      Made my day!! LOL. Here’s more power to you to watch those horrendous serials.

    3. lazyU at | | Reply


      This cover truly stinks. It’s just so random and the photoshop is just ick!

    4. Hema at | | Reply

      Hahaha….love your take on the pic! Very funny!

      1. spongy at | | Reply

        thank you so much guys…: D…

        1. May at | | Reply

          ROTFL…. spongy… u made my day… hahahahahahahahahaha

    5. venus at | | Reply

      too gud spongy, spot on!

    6. Su at | | Reply

      Awesome :D

  24. razak at | | Reply

    Karisma looks younger than ’em all. love her gown. she looks like a Hollywood diva!

    1. Meena at | | Reply

      YEAP..!! She looks the best out of all them..!!

      1. zack at | | Reply

        Because she is kinda younger than most of them,lol. Rekha looks the best.

  25. naughty trini at | | Reply

    two of those ladies jus doesnt belong….can you guess? In my opinion it is deepika and sonam, who the hell is dem?

  26. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Ya it looks so photoshopped with the hair flowing in different directions for each one.

    Waheeda and Hema look the best in my opinion. Rekha looks the worst with the horrible expression on her face. I guess thats her trying to be sexy. Sonam seems to have emptied the whole lipstick.

    Would have been nice if they had picked one lady from each generation. Or if the actresses were really women we love. Now its just a non cohesive bunch of indian actresses on the cover. Sonam has done just 2 films. She has proved herself more as a fashion icon so far than an actress. So she fits more on a fashion mag than filmfare cover for women we love.

  27. HHc addict at | | Reply

    it is a shame cover how could they put sonam and depika (2 films old) with legends like hema and waheda.what they have done in the industry. crap. what ‘up with karenna i am superior look . i hate her attitudes and acting.
    and wha’t up with rekha scary look. show me one positive thing about this cover none.

  28. ash at | | Reply

    This shoot is styled so terribley – compare this one to the vogue cover with all the socialite ladies a while back. The clothes look cheap and tacky, even hema and Waheedas saris are nothing special – and I don’t know where to start with Rekha!! I’m usually her biggest fan when shes dressed up for functions but here she looks like a scary dominitrix or something! She should be on a diff. cover altogether. Deepikas dress/jewelery/bangles combo leave a lot to be desired also. Weird cover!

  29. M at | | Reply

    The Styling is sooooooo bad! Such nasty outfit! Especially Deepika’s necklace does not go with the dress and don’t even wanna comment on the hideous bangles! Sonam dresses so good, don’t know what happened here! Karishma’s dress is the best whereas Kareena’s is so not flattering!

  30. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    deepika has less bangles in the final shot

    1. amber at | | Reply

      im guessing they photoshopped half of them away.. lol :D

  31. SS at | | Reply

    Rekha looks angry….Sonam looks 50 yrs old…deepika’s dress looks…ahem..I have no words….kareen’s pic looks like ANY other pic of hers from ANY other cover superimposed her..with that typical expression and hair….Only saving grace…Hema and Waheeda….Karisma…looks photoshoped….I hate the cover..1 of the worst….

  32. meria at | | Reply

    dis cover reminds me of animation movie.

  33. Kanira at | | Reply

    What a mammoth waste…spend all this time getting these women together and then make the cover look as if individual shots have been superimposed….and what on earth have they done to Hema Malini’s face…I do like her sari though….Deepika seems to be the odd one out in the group!!

  34. Shikha at | | Reply

    its so obvious that it has been photoshopped. there is a weird grey area under waheeda rehman’s right ear, its neither her hair nor part of rekhas or sonams dress…such a shoddy job!

    All of them look terrible!!

  35. shuz4ever at | | Reply

    They may have been on the set together…but the final image def looks photo-shopped…the grey gap behind Waheeda’s ear…only Kareena’s fan blown hair…the dark shadow b/w Sonam and Deepika…all their heights are completely off…and why does Miss Size Zero have saddle bags in the third pic?

  36. HHCPANKHA at | | Reply

    lol….rekha luks so funny with that pout….
    sonam luks like an 18 yr old…
    ummm overall faces luk fine bt dresses…..dun evn bother askin…

  37. krk at | | Reply

    this is one odd random bunch of ladies…there seems to be no theme whatsoever…

    if its ‘women we love’….cos only that would explian the presence of Karishma (when was the last time she was in a movie anyways) where are aishwarya, katrina, kajol & most importantly MADHURI & SRIDEVI ? And what are sonam & deepika doing here?

    i don’t think any kinda serious thought was put into this cover !!

  38. a at | | Reply

    Graceful and beautiful Waheeda Rehman should be front and center, Then Rekha and Hema in the second row. The four younger women should be in the back. I think its a bit disrepectful to the older (and more talented actresses) to be placed behind ego-maniac Kareena. I especially feel sorry for poor Rekha – stuck in a corner with that unfortunate expression.

  39. kanika at | | Reply

    Deepika is sticking out like a sore thumb….

  40. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

    Random observations

    1. what is waheeda rehman sitting on??
    2. how come rekha, karisma, sonam and dp r all at d same height??
    3. in pic3.. all ladies have hands on their tummies – unit food is notoriously bad i hear
    4. in pic 3 is dp really shooting daggers at kareena or am i imagining it??
    5. y isnt this on photoshopdisasters already

  41. dn at | | Reply

    This is such a weird cover, period. (I don’t think I want to waste any more words on this cover)

  42. romi at | | Reply

    i just can get over Rekhas scowl — looks like they copy pasted it in photoshop

  43. savilerow at | | Reply

    Hema all the way. Simplicity is the key for her. Total dream girl fosho!
    Waheeda next with her elegance
    Deepika a little meh, but still pretty.
    Rekha, stand out in a scary, freaky way.

    The rest are tinsel!

  44. Sandra at | | Reply

    …everyone is a critic these days? this that…that this. It is always lovely to see the yesteryear stars still so beautiful and fresh among the younger ones. Clothes and critics will come and go but what remains is incredibly more than the cheap, destructive comments.

  45. roses_bloom at | | Reply

    OMG such a terrible shot! all these women in one room and this is what they come up with? photoshopped and superimposed pictures?

    There’s a weird grey spot behin waheeda’s head, her hand in the middle of WOMEN ‘O’ looks like its just a randon hand in the picture, the gap between Kareen’s arm elbow has a totally different color in the background …. haha this picture was like a ‘spot the goofs’ puzzle. terrible job!

    1. roses_bloom at | | Reply

      I meant Karishma’s arm/elbow area – not Kareena

      1. kanika at | | Reply

        Oh my God…how weird is that grey spot !

        Great observations… !!

  46. sk at | | Reply

    Haha..this is hilarious photoshop work..total rubbish
    looks like the women couldn’t agree on a group photo, i can just imagine the drama on the shoot.. so they just chose each ones best pic.. they might as well have just taken any old pictures of these ladies and put it together in this way..

  47. sk at | | Reply

    also rekha looks like she is about to attack them all

  48. bongbabe at | | Reply

    the figures look superimposed. blatantly superimposed. if this was an actual sit-stand-together photo, then there would have been curves to the figures as they accomodated each other in the frame. here everybody is posing as thought giving the money shot.

    look at the amount of wind blowing into kareena’s hair. if hema malini was actually sitting next to her, her hair would have gotten windswept too a bit at least.

    rekha looks mental! scary woman.

  49. Adit at | | Reply

    Funny its more a North and South cover, North all Kapoors, and South, from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra and one Telegu thrown in for good measure…..hmmmm..what happened to Preity and Ash? or Rani and Kajol?

    By the way the make up was done by Anil Chinappa. Fab job i must say.

    1. May at | | Reply

      Ok.. its telugu , not telegu.. n telugu is the language spoken in Andhra Pradesh

  50. viz at | | Reply

    the cover, i dont think any more needs to be said. the only saving grace…all the comments. some of them are so funny i am rolling on the floor laughing. Filmfare, please bring on some more tacky covers..they provide great comic relief

  51. hhc fan at | | Reply

    @Adit:Contrary to what one thinks, waheeda is not from Hyd. She is from a hamlet in Tamil Nadu, just like Hema. Rekha is half telugu, half tamil. deepika is konkani, the rest are punjabi/sindhi combo. The latter two are distantly related. All in in all, they are desis.
    Totally mismatched cover.

    1. Adit at | | Reply

      @hhc, I was not referring to Waheeda. It was a generic statement with no names…..against states, North was not called PUNJABI if you read CAREFULLY

  52. the mad momma at | | Reply

    hey P & P you might want to correct the tag spelling of Deepike else it wont show up in searches

  53. LuvFashion at | | Reply

    Y is Kareen in the middle when there are bigger star in the picture????

  54. ss at | | Reply

    Seriously? The women we love? Then Sonam has no place here! Even Deepika! They dont even have hit movies to support for Gods sake! And where is Sridevi & Madhuri then??? And Aishwarya??? Please, this is riduculous.

  55. Su at | | Reply

    Very unimpressive- both choice of people on the cover and the way it is done. Looks like a shabby self sponsored advertisement (especially by the K sisters)!

  56. Moi at | | Reply

    Sonam as usual great!! Deepika as usual meh!!
    Rekha seems angry!! Waheeda and Hema good, Kareena fab.
    But the cover on the whole is boring.

  57. Sunita at | | Reply

    Rekha looks fabulous. Love the expression. Should have just been her on the cover. Would have been much stronger. Someone obviously went photoshop-happy. Terrible silhouetting job. Why?

    1. keya at | | Reply


  58. Sohail at | | Reply

    WEll you all have given hard coments….but I love the cover! i would say this filmfare which had the ladies is the fastest sold out filmfare ever since i could remember..the city I live only one shop sells fimfares and just the next day all have been sold out when thre were still other previous filmfare still on the stand….As for the comment on generations lets say Waheeda belonged to the 50s and 60s and Hema as the 70s!!! Rekha can be put in the 80s because she started very young in the 70s and she was still below 25 in 1980! 24-25 is the age when most stars come to films nowadays…so Rekha can be justified as an 80s gen star!!! Not to metion she can still give todays stars a run for their money with her youthful and sexy look! I dont agree that she looks scary!…she looks drp dead gorgious!! Sonam is pretty too and she deserves to be there in the sense that she is so beautiful compared to most of todays stars…she has that classy depth of royal demureness. Deepika is also second to none compared to other genx gals! she is beautiful! A cross between Rekha,Aishwarya and Juhi….So I salute filfare for this amazing cover!!!!

  59. sara at | | Reply

    kareena n karishmaaa look soo diff frm da restt defff wayy hawter den all of em !!

  60. jeez at | | Reply

    i like the bangles…i think it adds an indian touch and y so biast? if it was western bangles it wud have been fine but if its indian bangles u have been problems…WTH???

    they look nice and to be very honest..u guys are harsh..one hsould wear what they want to wear and not be judged …

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