1. I prefer it to slinky dresses- its comfortable and doesn’t spell desperate like slinky/revealing outfits usually do…I am not too happy about the print, but I think Gracy does fine….

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot- I love her hair too- that’s one look that I feel is best left to a brown-skinned desi woman with lush, cascading hair….

  3. I like the Kurta-denim look both on ladies an men of course only when it’s done right….but this look Gracy singh is sportin I don’t really think is a kurta-denim look done right….

  4. i think that it can work – it just does not here. that kurta is awful – and also breaks the flow when combined with jeans – the fabric doesn;t flow well and it’s a bit too fancy – i think jeans go with less dressy fabrics – mulmul, khadi etc and certainly not anything with this much zari

  5. i dnt think a kurta/jeans combo needs to be restricted to college
    it’s such easy wearing that i hope to be able to wear it for a long time – though only for casual things

  6. she looks terrible.what’s with the big unruly hair!?!
    and those ugly jeans!!
    she didn’t even wear heels:(
    this is a disaster!

  7. Depends on the Kurta and Denim in question :-)
    This particular combination does deserve to be banned…
    And couldnt she have done something with that hair?

  8. She looks like she has come out of a shower and is in the process of drying her hair before dressing up to leave for an early-afternoon movie date on a summer day.

  9. I like to wear kurtas with jeans as well but simpler kurtas than this one, There are several things wrong with this fabric is too stiff and just stands without flowing with the body, jeans are the wrong style for her body type and she should hav worn heels with this kind of jeans. Or she could have paried this with White patiala salwar and plain with dupatta hmmm

  10. first of all, thank you for bringing this up!

    the denim and kurta look is fun and relaxed and that does not make it event appropriate! its what u wear at home or to the grocery down the road.

    PLUS, people take their own liberties with this look and convert it into a salwar kameez! nooo!! the kurtas cant be that long! it looks so dated and confused.

    i give gracy a .5/10 for dressing like that!

  11. Denim and kurtas are a GREAT look when done right. But they are not in this case since the kurta is very long and the jeans are ugly. The long hair isnt helping either.

  12. Denim and kurta can never go outdated,remember the Shilpa shetty look in “Phir Milenge” even with long kurtas s she looked so classy and formal–but yes……..Is Gracy singh her own designer???head to toe……..her entire attire and the hair do is just awful here.Gracy you better tune in to Highheelconfidential for a change

  13. Oh I actually LOVE her hair…its gorgeous.. very Indian and I think that’s great! I think denims n kurtas look ok but not this material as its too stiff

  14. Forget the kurta what about the HAIR?????? She owes it to herself to at least have done her hair…. if nothing tied it up. this look is unacceptable.


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