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  1. Bloo at | | Reply

    Yes.. less said the better.. but I couldn’t help but cringe more at the colored lens.. ugh.. i hate them.. especially something this obvious..

  2. monika at | | Reply


  3. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    her face is two shades lighter than rest of her body! choose ur foundation with care honey and yes ofcourse choose better outfits too!!!

  4. Adi at | | Reply

    ewwwww!! WTHHH!!

  5. h at | | Reply

    horrible outfit and makeup. she shld get makeup that actually matches her skin tone and not shades lighter

  6. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    @tara-That is so funny!

  7. Megha at | | Reply

    MAN those eyes are scary with the contacts

    didnt even notice the dress first

    eyes freaked me out – since they stand out with all that make up


  8. malini at | | Reply

    someone has joined “trying wayyy to hard” group..

  9. Charan at | | Reply

    Ugly lens… what is she tring to be??

  10. trivialimagery at | | Reply

    Okay , is it me? Her arms are creeping me out, well…her armpits and the bulging skin around it. IS it a trick of light? enlighten me please!

  11. Shweta12 at | | Reply

    This look and the make up….everything is VERY wannabe-ish, not to mention ugly..ugh.

  12. Anon at | | Reply

    The only word that comes to mind: GARISH

  13. Sharin at | | Reply

    I guess Celina Jaitley is giving her makeup advice.

  14. annie at | | Reply

    I couldn’t beyond the eyes.. seems like she put the whole bottle of foundation on her face..those blue-lens es are ugly. And, whats this obsession with colored lens? They may have been trendy in the early nineties when you put them on to look cooler than the rest,..but that look is so passe now. What world do these ladies live in?

  15. Sneha Merchant at | | Reply

    i guess she left the churidar at home ;)

  16. Sush at | | Reply

    She is a Gorgeous woman..and shd keep it simple

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