Twice The Nice!


First, it was Fern who wore Kallol Datta to the White House when meeting the First Lady. And now more recently, Michelle Obama was spotted in a Bibhu Mohapatra dress. Woot! Love. Love.

Wonder if Ms. Mallis had anything to do with the First Lady picking a designer of Indian origin. It sure seems like it.

Left, Centre: Fern Mallis At The White House
Right: Michelle Obama On The Tonight Show

Photo Credit: Twitter (here and here)


  1. Isn’t double whammy referred to two unwelcome incidents occurring within a short time of each other? Here’s what a website on English phrases has to say:
    double whammy- when 2 bad things happen. usually its something bad, then something worse to make things even more f’d up.

    Just thought to correct you. No offence intended.

  2. I too was persplexed at the use of “double whammy” since I have always seen it being used in negative connotations.
    Anyways, love both the outfits. Hope this helps both designers reach an even larger range of customers.

  3. she’s a professional woman–must she dress like a stepford wife those bouffant skirts don’t flatter an athletic figure bet her stylist is a lsecret republican


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