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  1. enne at | | Reply

    if this person wasn’t wearing the dress and totally owning it I would say it is a monstrosity. But I look at this pic and just say WOW!

    1. Zelam at | | Reply

      Totally agree !

  2. Gpp at | | Reply

    Al I can see is vintage carpet from Prince Charles Museum (now Chatrapati Shivaji Sangrahalai)

    1. Tee at | | Reply


  3. TiqueBou at | | Reply

    the dress is a mess…

  4. NA at | | Reply

    One word for the dress: yikes! Full points to the girl for wearing it well!

  5. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Doesn’t seem very event appropriate but interesting outfit.

  6. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Brownie points for the bindi..nothing great to write about the dress.

  7. Sim at | | Reply

    For me, it’s a Wtheyyyyy! Or may be I am fashion blind!

  8. Lia at | | Reply

    How can anyone design a dress like that, and how can anyone agree to wear a dress like that.

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