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  1. Saya at | | Reply

    That pulled back hair so wrong. It makes her broad forehead more visible and makes her look like she’s going bald. The only redeeming feature is that the gown is black. Any other color would have been a wthey.

  2. SS at | | Reply

    this is clearly a WTHeyyyy neck down

  3. leonine lion at | | Reply

    hate the tiered bottom.. agree this is a WTHeyyyy moment for her!

  4. Arati at | | Reply

    nah, she looks too much like Morticia Adams already, red lips would have sent it into cosplay territory

  5. Phoenix at | | Reply

    She wrote something on Twitter about how P&P didn’t mention her earrings? Like wteff was that about. She doesn’t suit this dress.. I think someone else could pull it off better. Something about her is just odd.

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