• hear hear! this is my biggest problem! She is a beautiful girl and she definitely needs to be credited where credit is due…but P and P never seem to be critical about her…this hairdo on a Soha or a Bipasha and we would have heard something already; even this lehenga on someone else and there would have been some hard words…It really does read inauthentic…

  1. Please don’t bash me up for saying this, but something about this girl, I don’t know… very off-putting, something I can’t quite put my finger on. Deepika and she share very similar features, but there’s a world of difference between the two, polished and not-so-much. Maybe there’s a lot more life in Deepika’s eyes and smile.

  2. I am sorry but last I checked this was P n P s blog…as such they have every right to like whoever they want and criticize whoever they want..u guys don’t like it?maybe u sld open yr own blog..
    P and P..us guys are doing a fantastic job. While I definitely don’t agree with every likes and dislikes of theirs, it is so nice to find a proper fashion blog for the Indian fashion world. I think we should just believe in the fact that everyone is entitled to one s opinion..but maybe we can all be polite;)


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