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  1. Adara at | | Reply

    Feels like she left the circus to attend the TV show.

    1. Neharika at | | Reply

      Lol.. Well said

  2. Sej at | | Reply

    I’m probably in the minority however I am not a fan of the crop top trend because it doesn’t suit a lot of body types. I’m not speaking of her specifically however I think a handful of people can work crop tops and the rest well I don’t like. It doesn’t do a lot of frames any favor.

  3. $ at | | Reply

    Thats really a bad look…Top looks like a bralette or bustier…skirt looks more like a under skirt OR petticot …falts are too wrong to be teamed up with a high low skirt (is it really a hi-low? ) and do i see a elasicated skirt there?? !? i mean i dont find elasticated skirt to be wore like this…atleast i never wear them like this..overall very bad look

  4. tina at | | Reply

    People are going to look back at this crop top trend in horror in a few years. It’s so ugly – it looks like she’s walking around in a big bra.

    It needs to be worn very carefully and only show a sliver of skin. This almost looks like she’s wearing a lengha with a blouse and forgot her duppata!

  5. preeti at | | Reply

    Those earrings are hideous. The crop top sure looks like a blouse. And I don’t even want to talk about her skirt

  6. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks less covered than anyone would in a blouse and petticoat. Very awkward look.

  7. Al at | | Reply

    It look likes she was chilling beach side and forgot she had a media appointment so just threw her cover-up/ skirt on over her bikini and made a dash for it.

  8. sree at | | Reply

    A beautiful girl ruined by a hideous outfit and ugly shoes. How hard is it to style such a pretty girl with a great body?! SMH.

  9. jasmine at | | Reply

    The color of her feet :O That means its foundation all over except her feet????

  10. alti at | | Reply

    Who cares about her clothes with a face like that? Gorgeous Esha! She looks Mexican here.

  11. Reir at | | Reply

    That skirt looks horrible! And the sandals just don’t belong here.

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