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  1. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks good. Wish she changes her hair color into something subtle.

    1. Kirsa at | | Reply

      +1 Saw her insta, she got it done recently and it looks so ashen and burnt.

      1. Avani at | | Reply

        I don’t understand the Indian ladies (celeb or otherwise) craze to color hair in these odd colors. It does not suit their skin tone at all. And like you mentioned the hair looks burnt on many irl. Most of the colors give a behnji look or make them look very old (defeating the purpose of their purpose of coloring to make it look young & preppy). Lol.

    2. Asha at | | Reply

      +100. She looks hawtt, except for that hair!!!!

  2. Kirsa at | | Reply

    Anita Dongre is brilliant! I am soo lusting after that saree*_* And she looks like a million bucks! What a gorgeous girl! <3

  3. colormenot at | | Reply

    there was a time when we saw this mirror work blouse on everyone.. glad it took a break..
    the yellow looks good on her. and that hair color needs to go.

  4. Aradhana at | | Reply

    Gorgeous. I love everything. Even the hair….

  5. donkey at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous.

  6. FashionFauxPas at | | Reply

    Beautiful! She looks lovely and graceful! Love the blouse and the colour combination!!

  7. Puja at | | Reply

    Love everything except for the fit of the blouse in the sides!!

  8. zia at | | Reply

    Aah!!she pulls off evrythin & anythin with such an ease…Truly Stunnin:*

  9. Sonia at | | Reply

    Instant Girl Crush!

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      Yup! Instant. ;) Some people just have hawtness so inherent in them that they don’t have to resort to one-boob show or unnecessary skin show. Esha is one such person. I don’t like the fit of the blouse but that is only a minor gripe. Esha shines everytime!!!!

      Now that Esha’s post is here, I remember Sapphire. Where is she Sonia?? You girls are friends right?

  10. Tanvi at | | Reply

    Miss sunshine!!

  11. Melange at | | Reply

    Looks like the only decent outfit at the fashion disaster that this party was. Love the saree and the way she is wearing it.

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