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  1. k= at | | Reply

    i personally dont find Neil Nitin Mukesh attractive at all! he’s wayy too white! and that beard isnt helping either!

  2. ariel001 at | | Reply

    Emraan ! <3

    Hate Neil’s shoes.

  3. Fatima at | | Reply

    i would have to say neil, after ignoring his horrinle shoes!

    emraans denims look wierd!

  4. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Neither. Both are very unattractive.

  5. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Terrible….no grown man should wear stuff like this…and with those shoes…….ewwww

  6. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    neil seems oddly pretentious to me.

  7. rubywoo at | | Reply

    short and dumpy with unusually large square shaped head or too pale with a suspicious hint of ginge poking through…. hmmm decisions – neither does it for me personally – but at a push I’d say ginger beard over Emraan.

  8. ar00j at | | Reply

    i <3 emraaaaaaaaan … im just in love w/ him, so this comment is just useless.
    but if neil had on shoes that work w/ t-shirts, he woulda won…

  9. pdaervo at | | Reply

    @PeachBellini- I agree completely
    and I have no problem wth his skin color either…it’s the beard I can’t stand
    and I have an imexplicable soft spot of Emraan (I think it’s the …body language) so …:)

  10. monika at | | Reply

    Neither but if I have to choose, it’ll be Emraan.

  11. aisha at | | Reply

    good one i defntly prefer emraan …hes my favourite star and thnk yu higheel u guys r the best !!

  12. dimpy at | | Reply

    emraam for me.neil looks whitewashed………..n eww those shoes……

  13. pppppppppp at | | Reply


  14. bonks at | | Reply

    neil mukesh all the way

    i have nothing to say about that other being

  15. shezad at | | Reply

    emraan is just fantastic
    i like emraan

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