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  1. RDM at | | Reply

    The 1st pic – long length, she looks good. The last one – close up .. somehow makes her look too goldy..

  2. nisha at | | Reply

    doesn’t look good against her skin-tone. It’d look great on someone of PC’s shade.

  3. donkey at | | Reply

    Nice but her hair also looks part of the outfit and like she got into the entire outfit.

  4. Mio at | | Reply

    The Golden Globe arrived! She looks like she took the name too seriously…Nah, don’t like the gown on her. The mirror work is overwhelming, looks gaudy rather than classy. And the bangles just seem thrown in..

  5. Sonal at | | Reply

    Same hair and outfit colour

  6. Babs at | | Reply

    Sonam Kapoor would be proud!

  7. Fleur at | | Reply

    ahhh..the perks of having no boobs! :P

  8. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    I like this.

  9. slc at | | Reply

    I for one like the gown…but gold would suit someone with a deeper tan. She doesn’t look that bad though.

  10. Melange at | | Reply

    I would have gone with a smoky eye and subtle lips. Not digging the red lips at all.

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