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  1. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    I feel she is a classy girl and believes in no attention sophisticated look (if we revise her past appearances). This is casual everyday..

    Hmm now come to the Bag! I saw the foxtail and I feel its yummy (dunno how many gals like it) but I digg it. Its so cool and fun to carry with a big bag. and Whats wrong with victoria she looks so unhealthy and stale.

  2. Akshara at | | Reply

    Aw, the fox tail charm is cute! Btw, who is this Ekta Raheja?

  3. Clio at | | Reply

    I don’t like the bag – I don’t like the fox tail. And I’m not a member of PETA!

    1. desiette at | | Reply

      Peta members do good work. There is nothing wrong with being a PETA member.

  4. Opalwhisker at | | Reply

    If that fox tail is real…then NO!

  5. desiette at | | Reply

    ewwww we are cutting off fox tails now in the name of fashion? This just gets sicker and sicker.

  6. sheets at | | Reply

    heyyy nishka lulla has this same bag in green..its really cute

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