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  1. adorableonyourvanity at | | Reply

    hahahah omgee!

  2. precious at | | Reply

    these HAVE to ne orthopedic footwear. there is NO OTHER excuse!! and for the rest of her, there is no excuse either.


  3. annie at | | Reply

    clothes aside, whats with all the red threads on her wrist! One thread would have have been sufficient to ward off all the evil eyes.

    1. Sej at | | Reply

      I have to say – not sure that falls within the fashion realm. She is quite religious and to each their own. Who are we to say anything on how many ‘red threads’ she is wearing.

      1. annie at | | Reply

        to me it matters :)

  4. once again at | | Reply

    Sadly, this woman looks like this ALL the time. We spotted her the other day at a very chic suburban eatery, wearing the ugliest skirt, a top too tight [underarm flab in it’s full display] and yes, those patent ugly my-rubber-chappals-became-platform-chappals-chappals !

    WORST EVEN, [yes, it does get worse] when she walked into the cafe, she had a man friday following her holding her single lone bag. Like WTF? How lame is that !? So very uncooth !

  5. Shweta at | | Reply

    *thunderstruck* my eyes literally popped out of their sockets!! Why can’t she divorce those chappals of hers where half of her feet are hanging out…
    …and what’s with that tie or is it a design on her t..?! Good god gracious…save us from these inundating ghastly pictures in future!! *Amen*

  6. N at | | Reply


    1. SS at | | Reply

      totally agree..

  7. FashionB at | | Reply

    OMG…She is into movie/serial -making and makes her bahus wear best sarees and look at her.

    BTW,has she lost some weight.

    1. the mad momma at | | Reply

      she obviously believes in size mattering. compensates for her height. and cant handle stilettoes.

  8. amandaaahhh at | | Reply

    OH MY GOOD.. so much money and such bad taste.

    i dress better than that and i probably make a 100th of what she makes in a year LOL

    she’s such a pretty lady and so much can be done with her, but looks like she’s too busy dressing others up all the time. ahhhhh.

  9. Sej at | | Reply

    It’s like she borrowed Jeetu’s tie, Tushar’s track pants and added that top from her own closet to create this masterpiece. Too bad this is the last thing I’m seeing before I call it a night – kkknightmares ;-)

    1. Tee at | | Reply


  10. bongbabe at | | Reply

    you should change the name of this blog to “fashion disaster confidential”.

  11. shalini at | | Reply

    YIKESSS !!!!! What was she thinking !!! Looks like she couldn’t find a mirror to see herself !!!!

  12. cherry at | | Reply

    her feet are so ugly

  13. cherry at | | Reply

    and whats with the tie LMAO !

  14. Shubha at | | Reply

    So, this is how a train wreck looks like…

  15. Reema at | | Reply

    jes speechless!!!

  16. simran at | | Reply

    hahaha, thanks for making me laugh :D

  17. lara at | | Reply

    thanx for this. i needed to have a good laugh. also, now i don’t feel so bad about my less than stellar dress sense.

  18. ZI at | | Reply

    I cant look beyond that top…with the tie design and the fact that its revealing a bit too much…

  19. Gris at | | Reply

    Gosh.. I can’t even comment on this.. :D hehehehe

  20. anon at | | Reply

    you know what stumps me – she has a decent face and body and all that money – should be a lot of effort with all that to look this bad!

  21. priya at | | Reply

    good lord. with ALL that money, THIS is what she can come up with?!?! can’t buy taste i guess. there is not **one** redeemable aspect of that ‘outfit’ – if u can call it that. jeez.

  22. heer at | | Reply

    WTHeyyyyy!!! from top to bottom

  23. anukhurana at | | Reply

    is it me only or any1 else can also see beneath the top(apparently bcoz of camera flash)??? ;)

    1. BlueStar at | | Reply

      I think EVERYONE can see beneath the top. God what was she thinking!

    2. Anu at | | Reply

      Me can see too! (And I dont think we both have X-ray vision). I cant believe others havent seen that. I’m almost suspecting that there is no inner wear (a la Liz Hurley) either, coz I doubt camera flash can get that far.

  24. Ramneek at | | Reply

    Hideous!!! This woman comes across as such a wanna be!

  25. kasthuri at | | Reply

    OMG !!! Thats a definite WTHeyy !!! Words cant describe how ugly pathetic atrocious ridiculous that looks !
    Nothing is right in that look..not even the undergarments !

    Really she could atleast learn a thing or two from her serial’s leading ladies or stylists.

  26. anna at | | Reply

    adn when will these ladies undestand that BLACK is a tricky colour esp in the Lingerie department

    1. lush green pastures at | | Reply

      repeat after me Ekta..black bra goes underneath the black tee’s..white bra under the white tee’s..easy peasy

  27. karishma at | | Reply

    ha ha ha ha

  28. phoenix at | | Reply

    return of the shoes!! lol :)

  29. Lalitha at | | Reply

    She may want to consider asking Lord Balaji for a fashion intervention.

  30. Sonal at | | Reply

    KYUNKI yeh Ekta ki lucky chappal hai….and she needs a stylist now…SERIOUSLY!!

  31. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    No inner wear is Ekta Kapoor’s trademark. I’m surprised you didnt already know that. She does this all the time, everywhere.
    SO, SO TACKY!!! But considering the soaps she produces, what else can you expect of her?

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      SO, SO AGREE!!

  32. oye at | | Reply

    she is mad….she needs to be sued..for dressing up that badly….

  33. sar at | | Reply

    Gosh…isn’t she loaded?

  34. Genie at | | Reply

    :-O :-O horrible! she can spend at least 1/4th of her soaps’ budjet to buy herself a decent wadrobe…pity..

    on other note…looks like her girls are hanging from the tie knot :-D :-D

    1. Genie at | | Reply


      1. S at | | Reply

        In 1/4th of her soap budget this is what you get….hehehehe!!

  35. Trisha at | | Reply

    Brought a smile to my face..thank you chappal sandals!

  36. CK at | | Reply

    how could someone dressed like that be credited Creative Head of the soaps?

  37. HHC addict at | | Reply

    this is ridiculous, i think she is doing it in purpose. how can we exlplain wearing the same disaster pair of shoes for 3 years. She is a pain in the AAAA.

  38. sunnit at | | Reply

    I am still rubbing my eyes in disbelief!!! Does she not look at herself in the mirror before she leaves home??

  39. Rohini at | | Reply

    I am speechless.

  40. gLiTteR baBe at | | Reply

    eeeewwwwww!!!! wats wrong with her!!!

  41. Jo at | | Reply

    Please call a Fashion Police and arrest her !

  42. Ankita at | | Reply

    you’ve got to be kidding me….. sometimes i feel she dresses up like this on purpose :|

  43. Sona at | | Reply

    Oh dear lord, this is so so tragic!!!

  44. npm at | | Reply

    woah nelly! Is it April Fool’s day?

  45. Hema at | | Reply

    Is she wearing copper bowls under the shirt in lieu of bra?

    1. SS at | | Reply


  46. smv at | | Reply

    OMG!!! she looks horrible. Did all her creative ideas go into plotting for her soap operas and no creativity left for styling?Sometimes she reminds me of Kristen Stewart…good for her, bad for Kristen

    1. lush green pastures at | | Reply

      it’s her snaggletooth

  47. Ann at | | Reply

    Wow so many comments for this post! The lady sure gets a lot of jabs and laughs for being super successful. She is very superstitious, maybe thats why she wears those hideous slip ons again and again and again, coz she probably considers it her lucky charm. She’s also very smart, saving all her money instead of racking up big shopping bills and rolling it all back in investments! Like who cares if I dress badly, I got enough money to make 5 trips to outer space if I want!

    1. lara at | | Reply

      i don’t think a person’s finances should be taken into consideration when one is observing their dress sense. what kind of logic is that? just because she’s made a ton of $ she’s got the green light to go around dressed as a fright?

    2. SS at | | Reply

      She doesn’t have to rack up big shopping bills to dress up decently. It’s not that we are all spending huge money on dressing up. She could have bought better top and pants with the same money she got those clothes, even better she could have saved money by not wasting it on that ugly tie. :-)

  48. Roni at | | Reply

    She must really hate herself to be wearing something like that …and worse in the public domain!!!

    Good grief!!

  49. Violet at | | Reply

    Nothing’s looking right except perhaps the tie print. Those sandals always make me laugh :-) first thing i want to notice when I look at Ekta.

  50. I at | | Reply

    She believes those are her lucky shoes

  51. Ren at | | Reply

    I’m very VERY curious… WHY doesn’t she get rid of those chappals? how many years has she been wearing them… and why? Forget how bad they look, they couldn’t be comfy either with her feet jutting out like that.

    She’s really really looking bad here. Which is a pity coz I don’t think she doesn’t care about her appearance. She took the effort to lose weight (some years ago), and has a nice face and hair. She clearly conditions her haid, and is wearing eyeliner. So she does care… but then… this??

    I don’t understand.

  52. kiwi at | | Reply

    P and P.. please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, puhleeze…, please, please , please, please
    please ( 1 million times please) stop featuring this person

  53. Anita at | | Reply

    Can she take me under her wing as her PERSONAL DRESS DESIGNER!!??
    i WILL work for FREE!!
    She needs help! Cant believe tht she wastes her money on such awful outfits!

  54. Geeta at | | Reply

    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen this lady dress well. Which is shocking, considering the resources at her disposal.

  55. Usha at | | Reply

    She’s a fashion snob! What else can I say.Must be a psychological condition which prevents you from dressing decent even though you have access to the best.

  56. Celeste at | | Reply

    What an eye sore!

    I just don’t get it — these guys have the moolah & yet they dress up like this? Why not get a stylist & make things easier for themselves & others too!

    Such a pity! She’s supposedly a shrewd er… savvy businesswoman, so while busy working on her brand, did she forget to work on her own image?!?! Holy cow, what a waste!

    If you wanna wear that tee then hit the treadmill, sister! And while at that, get a style icon too. How about Ivanka Trump?

    PS: I feel bad for Jeetendra, for the first time! Poor dad!

  57. susan at | | Reply

    she was also seen at sanjay dutt’s ‘mata ki chowk’ in her favorite “chappals” :D lol

  58. Manuel Ianacone at | | Reply

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