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  1. jyot at | | Reply

    ha ha ha.you betcha. Have they not worn out yet ?? Or may be she has many of these.

  2. Akshara at | | Reply

    This lady has no class. The outfit no less uglier than those yucky sandals.

  3. padma at | | Reply

    God I have more shoes than this girl now :)) Please she makes millions right, cant she get a decent pair of comfortable pumps, if comfort is the issue. And while she is at it maybe try a stylist … for a few weeks… days… something…

  4. HA at | | Reply

    oh no !!!!!!

    she needs to stop investing money in tv soaps and invest one in a stylist and that too asap !!!!!!!!

  5. lolita at | | Reply

    Doesn’t she that her obsession with those ugly shoes makes her the laughing stock in the Indian fashion scene!!!

    C’mon she is a smart girl (with her business acumen)…doesn’t she hear the giggles, the gasp, a sly reference or the pointed stare at those shoes in every function she attends?!!!

    I feel THAT is the most baffling part….

  6. Shalu at | | Reply

    Hahahaha…this is the funniest thing ever on your site.
    How long before she ditches them!

    1. zina at | | Reply

      you bet, it definitely is the funniest…she got 48 comments already! her dressing sense is becoming pretty popular! :D

  7. Sej at | | Reply

    I saw that on the net and was waiting for u guys to post it. TV czarina and yet she’s fixated on this one (hideous) pair – can the shoes from the wardrobes of the Tulsi’s and Parvati’s that are long gone please be shuffled through. Kkekta borrow from their closet already!!! You bought it after all ;-)

  8. Genie at | | Reply

    May be she was born with those :-/
    looks like two bricks bandaged to her feet :@)

    1. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

      HAHA hilarious..

      1. swati at | | Reply

        Like Karna from (Ekta ki) Mahabharat born with his armour!

  9. madhu at | | Reply

    this is tragedy of epic proportions.guess some will never learn.

  10. jiji at | | Reply

    Oh my gosh! i think there might be some astrological connection here – possibly some baba has told her that the secret to success in soppy serials lie in those shoes!

    1. zina at | | Reply

      i would bet a 10000 bucks on it! maybe the letter “K” is engraved on the heel….

      1. Fashionista at | | Reply

        Super Lol!!! :D

  11. Green Mint at | | Reply

    Wuts wrong with her… why can’t she invest in a good pair of shoes

  12. Queer Eye at | | Reply

    I guess she is a girl of comfort not style.. too each is own, I think its time to leave her sandals and appreciate her accessories! Love her birkin :)

  13. sheets at | | Reply


  14. Anu at | | Reply

    LOL. I sooo knew we were going to see those infamous chappals. Wish we had a better pic.

  15. KK at | | Reply

    I can’t believe it.. Oh wait.. I can!

  16. LittleFairy at | | Reply

    I like my fugly boxy shoes,
    No matter what nice dress I choose,
    With my kind of dough I can buy so much better,
    But I’m such a loser and I love to lose :)

    1. anisha at | | Reply

      awsome yaa!!

  17. savneet at | | Reply

    omg… what is trying to pull??
    it doesn’t quite match up… if she’s trying to show that she doesn’t care, n is all practical n comfort loving, then why the birkin?? u can’t get one without caring enuff to wait years n pay obscene amounts for it… n if ur impractical enuff to pay that much for a simple looking bag… then why not try to find a nice pair of shoes that aren’t so ugly yet comfortable… clearly… u can be rolling in money but it can still come to this… :-D

  18. CK at | | Reply


  19. Usha at | | Reply

    How’d you guess ! :P

  20. monika at | | Reply


  21. anks at | | Reply

    The only explanation to this is that Ekta has designed this pair herself… and she loves it so much she just cant let it go…!!!

  22. green chilli at | | Reply

    ok, there HAS to be a reason behind this … even forgetting the hideousness of the shoes, no one wears the SAME pair of shoes all the time. I’m thinking the ”baba told her” theory may be right.

  23. shb at | | Reply

    she is a superstitious woman, maybe they hold some deep and rooted meaning for her. don’t mock the woman for her beliefs :)

    1. trinket at | | Reply

      I kinda agree with u, she has given up the K serials I heard so now clinging onto these…

  24. Pranx at | | Reply

    even before i opened the picture, i knew.
    unless she tries another shoe, how would she know if its lucky for her or not? (thinking the superstitious way)

  25. dhaval at | | Reply

    i guess thats what gives her the height… from what we know, she might me a dwarf..

  26. jazz at | | Reply

    hahahaa.. its like this dose of laughter u girls give me regularly.

  27. Stlj at | | Reply

    I think she is in on the joke. I remember reading some interview where she wondered why people are obbsessed with her shoes. Perhaps they are REALLY comfortable and if you are ekta kapoor you can darn well wear whatever you want.

    1. maya hingorani at | | Reply

      ditto. love that she doesn’t have to or want to care. its so nice to see a woman so successful despite dressing so awful :)

  28. khadija at | | Reply

    these r bathroom slippers :(

  29. Sonal at | | Reply

    Its her lucky ..KAALI WALI CHAPPAL……………….and she is hyper superstitious about them… ha!ha!
    Nothing else can explain this

  30. dino at | | Reply

    I think she’s purposely doing it now.

    1. Violet at | | Reply

      haha! :-) I truly optimistically thought that we might see a change but no such luck. But she does look cute.

  31. sanam at | | Reply

    this post made me crack up!! how in love with those she must be to wear them so much! this is really funny lol

  32. sanam at | | Reply

    **those shoes i mean :)

  33. Nick at | | Reply

    +1 = got herself a Birkin
    -1 = the shoes have stayed
    Final score = 0
    no prize to have guessed this one

  34. Nick at | | Reply

    her makeup and hair looks great though… but does anyone else think the dress is a bad choice?

  35. lolakutty at | | Reply

    the woman to the right is miss india no. 5 or something

  36. lolakutty at | | Reply

    farah parvaresh

  37. shireen at | | Reply

    “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” – maybe she lives by this maxim. Besides you gals wouldn’t profile her so often if it wasn’t for those monstrosities.

  38. Katy at | | Reply

    i think it is quite cool. After all, fashion is subjective and about what you like…maybe it’s her way of saying I am a strong, wealthy etc enough to not care what anyone thinks. That, is true confidence, and for many people, much more attractive than a pair of shoes that are sky high, over priced, really uncomfortable and unsuitable for the weather. Apart from shoes, she has much more than many of us — money, success, fame, confidence etc.

  39. RuchII at | | Reply

    I think she knows that if she wears these shoes..then nobody will notice the other fashion atrocities committed by her..i mean..see..nobody commented about the weird looking dress..with a weird length..and that super weird color..looks like her strategy is working :)

  40. Sparkle at | | Reply

    I’d rather prefer her dressing up in the type of sarees TV bahus wear than these fugly clothes, atleast her shoes can be hidden by a saree.

  41. Diti at | | Reply

    AAAAAAAAAAA… HAHAHAHA….She really insults the birkin ;)

  42. Ekta at | | Reply

    Some Pandit must have asked her to wear these ugly chappals so that her Balaji Telefilms keeps churning out those famous favs soaps.

  43. cooks at | | Reply

    Well, even though this women has no fashion sense, one cannot doubt that she is one of India’s greatest women entrepreneurs. She has a great business sense.

  44. Mahzabin at | | Reply

    guys i really think people with unique dressing as that of Ekta Kapoor should come out sometimes to give us a good laugh ;p….! I never saw her in something that I liked….! she needs to put on something that suits her….lol, such a rich lady & with such a poor fashion sense *tch *tch

  45. zina at | | Reply

    this is too much!! XD

  46. bertie at | | Reply

    those must be her lucky slippers!

  47. ar00j at | | Reply

    I realllllllllllllllllly think she needs to discover FITFLOPS! lol i got a pair n haven’t worn anything else all summer! like she seriously must hate shoes that kill her feet- bc i see no other reason for her to not wear anything else… so yea someone who knows this woman help her out!

  48. sa at | | Reply

    I don’t understand this at all. Why wouldn’t she change her shoes.At least for events. I think she has some problem in her feet maybe.

  49. desifix at | | Reply

    cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

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