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  1. Adity at | | Reply

    What a disaster? Wearing nylons with an open shoe!

    Even otherwise whole thing is a disaster.

  2. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Looking at her I can forgive Vidya, Divya Dutta, Soha etc..for all their fashion blunders ..atleast they TRY!! hmm..she should be called a woe-man :S

  3. priya at | | Reply

    OMGGGG! this is probably the ugliest thing I have seen on HHC! AND I MEAN every thing abr ekta in this pic. it’s repulsive!

  4. Monika at | | Reply

    omg and the dress doesn’t fit right either.

  5. namila at | | Reply

    maybe her numerologist told her to wear such ghastly footwear

  6. Anushka at | | Reply

    And while you’re at it, can you also tell her to buy clothes that fit better? What’s up with the sleeve area?

  7. priya at | | Reply

    what the heck is she wearing? badly fitting dress, awful dress itself, bad hair, bad make up, and dont even get my started wid the stockings and the shoes. uggghhhh!

  8. Adit at | | Reply

    really bad, but i guess with her its baby steps, no red tika, no bad dress, but had to ruin the transformation with bad shoes…

  9. Kareena at | | Reply

    Oh my god, those sandals are sooooooo awful! It spoils the whole look which is pretty good. Cant someone around her tell her to put on some nice heels?

  10. Blooo at | | Reply


  11. Porus at | | Reply

    wow! now this is atrocity at its living best.
    there is not one thing about this look that makes me not want to cringe. wearing stockings with toe open shoes! A dress that has fold marks neatly running through the length…and of course the shoes don’t save the day for her either. She needs to make the S.O.S. call asap!

  12. Raspberry at | | Reply

    Exactly the kind of stuff u get outside railways stations in mumbai. I know we never expect much from Ekta (or her actresses) but what the mother effing hell was she thinking?

  13. ZydrateAnatomy at | | Reply

    If i had a s much money as see does,i wud dress betta than any women in the face of the earth and im not even a girl……

  14. Sia at | | Reply

    OMFG.The footwear. What was she thinking.ROFL!!

  15. maya at | | Reply

    when a lady has this much creativity, guts and plain get up and go, i am willing to overlook any bad taste in shoes. for all the criticism ekta gets, she’s one lady i truly admire.

    i’d trade her spirit for dress sense any day.

  16. Trisha at | | Reply

    This is so sad…I don’t know where to start…stockinged feet and open toe sandals…eeeks Ekta!

  17. dipz at | | Reply

    ohhh…those shoes are really horrible…and that dress is bit larger from under arms

  18. michelle at | | Reply

    OMG..what is that monstrosity she is wearing!! looks like she picked it from the platforms…

  19. Genie at | | Reply

    She is beyond any help. Same nasty/fugly footwar/stockings and then a similar dress in a different color.

    Oh Ekta……….. why oh why….do you make my eyes hurt so darn much?!

  20. Navs at | | Reply

    She always has these on…u would think she could buy more with all that mulah.

  21. Zara at | | Reply

    I still cant get over how much money she has and yet her sad choice in dressing. Its a big big tragedy.

  22. Kanan at | | Reply

    May be that’s her lucky footwear that has a brand name starting with KK. Or may be because the shoe straps looks like a K from certain angle. eeew! the dress is so blah – I mean look at the sleeve area. She probably doesn’t care because she gets criticized for everything. :P ab to aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene mein… lol

  23. Osho at | | Reply

    When we see a Shabana Azmi dressed badly we have comments which say ‘who cares she is smart on the inside.’ If there is anyone who is really smart on the inside and probably one of the five most succesful women in India then it is Ekta. Yeah I know this is a fashion site and not IQ wars wont help. But I am just surprised that no one talks abt the being smart bit.

  24. raunaq at | | Reply

    luk at da fitting ov dat ugly dress

  25. simran at | | Reply

    how can someone step out looking like THAT!!!!???

  26. malini at | | Reply


  27. ROse at | | Reply

    EWWWWW OMGGGGG wat a disaster… wat an embarassment.. n shes supposedly the big shot of the indian drama world.. gimme a break

  28. PAYAL at | | Reply


  29. Nisha at | | Reply

    That dress looks like it has a churidar and dupatta missing. Lol!

  30. K at | | Reply

    OMG hahahahahaha… look at her pose ;) won’t comment on the rest of the ‘look.’

  31. K at | | Reply

    Also. I can’t help notice how WEIRD her feet are! Is it just me or do others think the same? :/

  32. pdaervo at | | Reply

    @Maya…creativity?! clearly you haven’t watched any of her dramas
    I HATE this lady (for making the most idiotic television shows in the WORLD) and this pic mmade me cringe
    Shabana Azmi is not only smart, but is genuinely creative and has quality, socially consious work
    not saas bahu dramas

  33. agreed at | | Reply

    UGHHHHHHHHH…OMFGGG…Im reaching for my barf bag this instant…!!

  34. agreed at | | Reply

    and look at the way she’s posing…thinks she’s a supermodel *pukes* AGAIN

  35. anisha at | | Reply

    hahaha…look at her legs…they look funny…

  36. Megha at | | Reply

    with her usual frumpy clothes and tika look i always wondered why she can’t dress more her age

    but if this is the result…i prefer the old

  37. BLT at | | Reply

    What’s up with her gladiator-type dude-ni pose? :D

    And someone needs to gift her a good old-fashioned istri, so she can iron those creases out of her clothes.

  38. Protyasha at | | Reply

    LOL. This picture repulses AND amuses me. All in one go.

  39. Craze at | | Reply

    Looks like the tailor who dresses her filmy tv serial girls did not have enough time to stitch her dress well.

  40. eclat at | | Reply

    Being smart doesn’t mean one has to be so frumpy either! The ‘I’m just so clever, looking at myself in the mirror is so beneath me’ thing- that attitude went out with the “jholawalas” didn’t it?

  41. the mad momma at | | Reply

    @ Osha. Well shabana’s work is usually intelligent. And with a social conscience.

    Ekta might be making money, but that just makes her street smart and she is doing no good by selling her stereotypes of evil saas-bahus – the shows are regressive crap.

  42. DJ at | | Reply

    Hey do she always wear same kinda dress isnt it?only the colour is diffrent..

  43. Yamy at | | Reply

    How can one be smart enough to rake all the moolah and then go ahead and do this? Tch tch tch Just not acceptable.

  44. AstralDust at | | Reply

    Hahahaha, thanks Ekta, this is the most entertainment you’ve provided me with so far! Keep it up girl, at least this way I feel you’re getting some retribution for all the bad crap you stuff down people’s throat daily!!!

  45. Ratan at | | Reply

    Shudderrrrrrr!!!!!!! She dresses worse off than the OTT dressed characters in her soaps!
    The dress does nothing for her, and the nylons with open toe platforms look so ugly that my eyes hurt just lookin at them!!

  46. Omg at | | Reply

    She has the worst legs ever in the history of legs:(

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