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  1. K at | | Reply

    He’s kind of yummy. Esp that smile of his.

    But othervise, yeah, bad turnout Ritesh.

  2. Surbhi at | | Reply

    aww.. what a solid guy, came in even tho he had an injury for his pal AB..well that jacket can be tossed away, but the man is great.

  3. Adity at | | Reply

    He looks good. Not WTH for me :).

  4. j at | | Reply

    hes always WTHey!!…i dont know what good ppl see in him :s

  5. moni at | | Reply

    These are Sara Palin/ Tina Fey glasses. I heard that there is a 2 month wait for these in the US. I did not about the male version though…

  6. MM at | | Reply

    haha.. sarah palin glasses!

  7. malini at | | Reply

    HE IS INjured.. so will spare him THIS TIME

  8. Justine at | | Reply

    dislike the jacket, hate the glasses, LOVE the chest peeking out and just love Riteish!!! He always looks good to me.

  9. pdaervo at | | Reply

    …I just love Ritesh
    he doesn’t take himself too seriously (something very rare in Bollywood)

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