1. At least she is smiling this time. I normally see her wearing outer space dresses and a frown on her face and of course no makeup. (Remember her Cannes disaster, she looked like a rag lady in that Abu jani tent)

    This time , we should give her some points for trying at least.

  2. Its not new with Jaya. She’s been donning this style since the 90s. I think when it comes to dressing up, this is Jaya’s “best.”

    Oooh and I see Amar Singh’s foot (right picture). *eye roll*

  3. GROANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! this pic makes me wanna go “nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”!!!! LOL. Jaya looks completely engulfed by the dress. i liked it when kurtas were knee level or shorter. now it looks like kurtas r back 2 being long again: not a good thing for short/petite people like jaya.

    and dont even get me started on that “SMILE” of hers in the 2nd pic. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE’S FACIAL MUSCLES GO INTO OVERDRIVE LIKE JAYA’S DO WHEN SHE SMILES!!!! she looks like shez in pain when she smiles!

  4. ooops! forgot 2 comment on the dress itself….bad color combo…bad fabric, bad cut. unflattering silhouette! given how hot and humid mumbai is, this dress must feel like a furnace!

  5. What an utterly ugly outfit. Sorry, visually unpleasant. Whatever. The fit is the same as the white one in which she made the (in)famous UP-waali comment, and I was never a big fan of that either (at least not for her body type), but at least the fabric was flowy and nice.

  6. Hey @an,

    Like your comment but doesn’t Shweta also have a frown all the time? The only smiling person in the family is Abhishek . Amitabh just stay the classy and Aishwarya looks hyper.

    (Not going to call her Ash because her MIL was really angry at people for doing that)

  7. what happened to jaya bachchan(nee nahaduri) of the 70’s.. she wore such simple and elegant clothing then- why this monstrosity now..

  8. @ priya: LMAO. I so agree, sista!

    @ moni: I think they all chose their outfits based on the movie whose premiere they’re going to. hehe.

  9. its a no brainer- long dresses don’t work for short people. i am surprised someone of her stature would dress like this. ash, time to impart advice…

  10. er…what’s a MIL?!
    yeah, but she looks, small and (sadly) a little dumpy
    now, as a fellow shortie, I sort of feel her pain (SORT OF) but it could be a WHOLE lot better
    at least she’s smiling though!

  11. eww.. seriously what is that thing hanging at her neck?? and from the looks of it, she thinks she is looking great.. i dont think she needed to wear the salwar, the kurta was long enough for her.. i am sure it was sweeping the staircase..haha

  12. sometimes i just wonder …being a commoner i dress so well, its almost NEVER a wth for NOBODY around, how come MOST of the celebs dress up wthey so often???

  13. my God, she is smiling, such a pleasant change. she has always worn “The BOYS’ clothes, again she wears them…Abu and Sandeep have done a good job, but I am glad she has started taking care of her looks,and dressing well

  14. Has anybody noticed how her fashion sense only became this bad after Ash came into the family? I think they still don’t get along well and Jaya is somehow expressing her frustrations by dressing badly :P

  15. LOLzzz. thanks for posting this! After a stressful day at work, I had a nice laugh for 5 minutes after seeing this. She looks so hilarious.It’s…like a..large curtain.

    How come her husband, son and DIL let her step out wearing this? Or did Amar Singh tell her that this dress is fabulous?
    LOL whatever. Too funny.

  16. Poor Jaya. Why can’t her favorite designers dress her better? I’m glad to see her smiling. I think she is just one of those women who look grumpy even when they are not.


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