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  1. ravi at | | Reply

    Wow for a moment i thought she was Aishwarya Rai.
    She is HOT (Freida) … yeah super HOT …

  2. Nick at | | Reply

    everything but the chair is nice..looks like those old ugly leather chairs

  3. lotus at | | Reply

    ASH’S face is perfect but inert. It’s not lively like Freida’s.

  4. Teena at | | Reply

    Love her

  5. ad at | | Reply

    y does she look so fair???!!!!!!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      That was my thought. I couldnt recognize her. One of her USPs is her dusky skin and they took it away in the name of radiance.

  6. Dee at | | Reply

    Wow….the magic of Photoshop at its heights…it looks like Aishwarya’s face is fused with Freida’s. This picture is an insult to Freida Pinto who is a very beautiful woman and looks beautiful and graceful naturally.

  7. Minelliloveschanel at | | Reply

    i dont think she looks like ash at all. I have never seen her in pulled out liner before and i must say it really suits her. maybe thats what makes her look so different. nnetheless great styling and hr face is full of life

  8. guest at | | Reply

    Actually I thought it was Chitrangadha Singh..

  9. Dee at | | Reply

    Wow … thats beautiful … she is quite stunning when you look at her … she should keep her hair with the light waves .

    So proud of her ..

  10. Minelliloveschanel at | | Reply

    well lets just say she has a versatile face and she transforms well in front of camera. she apparently can look like ash, sonam and now chitrangda

  11. richard at | | Reply

    i used to hate her but WOW she blows me away … super hot babe sighting … whats her latest movie .. Immortals – got to see it

  12. Mim at | | Reply

    LOVE the second picture. Something so whimsical and child-like about it, but it’s also high fashion. Sort of like a modern Alice. Made me smile.

  13. jdf at | | Reply

    Ugh – I’m so disgusted to see men come here to lust after celebrities instead of just our own catty comments on fashion :p

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