1. The Birkin doesn’t go at all with this indian dress.But yeah, agree with you abt the festive look..nice.

    Season’s Greetings to you P & P , I love your work a lot :)

  2. she looks lovely. has been in the past couple of appearances on hhc now.

    don’t want to sound snarky. but has she gotten some work done on her face recently? (whatever she has done is simply great though)

  3. I actually don’t find anything special about the way she is looking or what she is wearing here. She looks OK.
    @Alisha, agree 100% on the second part

  4. i think its her better half (partially hidden in the second pic) who is responsible for salwar kameez look :p
    nonetheless, she carries it off well.

  5. I’m so jealous! She always looks so beautifully put together. She looks really nice here. I LOVE the watch, I wonder what make it is?


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