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    Pull you skirt up a little my friend-so tacky!

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    “Nautanki”. Perfect example for crass. She must be amisha patel’s sis.

  4. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks pretty. But I think it is time she tried some other outfits, she has a good body to try so MANY silhouettes and cuts rather than just lehengas.

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    Blingy, but still she make the lehenga work. That hairdo is very 90s, and not in the best way.

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    Ah, my eyes settled on the ‘red dhaaga’ on her left wrist. :) Love love love the Lehenga. Just the right amount of bling it has! Would have liked some hair strands to be out. But as is too, she looks ravishing. :)

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    She looks like she’s in a television soap opera special episode. Those double episodes where some great earth shattering revelation is about to be made. She could be wearing the most expensive clothes in the world but her inner tackiness always shows.

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      Agreed and with this look she has gone back 1000 steps. Too tacky

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    Am I the only one who finds the red and pink not complimenting each other AT ALL??

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    No matter what she wears, it always feels like she’s “in costume.”

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    Maang Tikka by Mahesh Notandass

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    Pretty girl, tacky outfit!

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