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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Woho…she herself looks bride here :P

  2. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    Full gold lehenga? My Sindhi heart skips a beat! Jk. I don’t mind the maang tika, but the the flowers pick up the coral of the dupatta rather nicely. She looks stunning here.

  3. Vysh at | | Reply

    She looks like a puddle of unicorn throw up. And also, when will these Bollywood people develop some class and stop over dressing at other people’s weddings? I don’t care if its your family. You can barely tell the difference between the bride and Divya. Have some respect, seriously.

    1. Bongbabe at | | Reply

      ha! agree!

    2. Archana B Mittal at | | Reply

      plus 1000. She wasn’t half as decked up in her own wedding ceremony I’m sure. Must be a case of “over compensation” for what lacked in her own wedding.

    3. shwetha at | | Reply

      cant agree more, why is she trying to hard to upstage the bride? Plain silly

      I also find the flowers very odd and flashy, bad choice

  4. blah at | | Reply

    That’s for a sangeet?! woah! Those flowers and matching bindi looks juvenile. I can’t get over the fact she wore that for a sangeet! Sheesh

  5. colormenot at | | Reply

    Oh my!! This is so OTT. Dressed up like a bride.
    The maang tikka has to go. Can’t say I like those flowers. And here I thought that the bride was over dressed for sangeeth!!

  6. Emma at | | Reply

    I think the bride decided to go OTT so she wouldn’t be sidelined by her blinged out sis in law. Though I love the lehenga I wouldn’t wear it at someone else’s wedding and steal their “thunder”

  7. slc at | | Reply

    This is a shame because she really a is a beautiful woman. Unfortunately she falls in a category which applies to a lot of Indian woman…overloading themselves with so much bling that it borders on ridicule. Somehow showing that gorgeous (drool worthy) jewelry doesn’t bother me as much as the over sized flowers in her hair….I actually love flowers in my hair. Each piece that she is wearing is lovely, just not all together. However, I must admit that I am very curious, and look forward to what she’ll be wearing in the next few days.

  8. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Seems like a lot for a Sangeet event. Beautiful lehenga though.

  9. Ranij at | | Reply

    This is an eyesore!!! That is far too much bling and that Maang tikka is just not looking nice. Too ott!

  10. Sb at | | Reply

    All the ott-ness aside what is with the orangey makeup or is it just bad lighting??

  11. blahbum at | | Reply

    for the lack of better work. TACKY!!

  12. saki at | | Reply

    the poor bride! divya is beautiful and does look good, but it is so insensitive to go to someone’s wedding so totally blinged out. it is possible to participate in another’s happiness and celebrate their joy without [even if unintentionally] trying to make them look like a wallflower.

  13. nisha b at | | Reply

    I find it very disrespecting to dress like that. C’mon Divya, it’s your sis in law’s big day not yours. I see that it’s pretty common among these big fat indian weddings especially. Maybe it’s an indirect way these ladies compete on who owns the best blings, lehengas and whatever not. And I find it absolutely crazy!

  14. Shella at | | Reply

    Indian weddings r supposed to b OTT else wtz the fun.. I feel she luks amazing n Wow i wnt tht lehnga

  15. Payal at | | Reply

    Most beautiful women ever… Shez carryng the bling v well

  16. Puneeta at | | Reply

    I love it all! This is how Indian weddings are supposed to look like. And there is no such thing as stealing the bride’s thunder. Get over yourselves, you firangis!

    As to the lady in question, if only she didn’t insist on styling herself to look like a poor man’s Deepika Padukone :) Poor Divya, it doesn’t help that she looks a lot like her too!

  17. Ladygaga at | | Reply

    Those flowers are a definately overkill other than that everything is perfect

  18. fashionmaniac at | | Reply

    I could not resist writing about this……
    what the heck is she upto …she is clearly tryingto be the centre of attraction and stealing the limelight from the actual bride. How Rude and Crude……

  19. ams at | | Reply

    “stealing the bride’s thunder” is not really an Indian concept — it’s a western way of thinking. I personally would not care who wore what at my wedding. I would be more into how I look and feel and enjoy the day. No one can steal the bride’s thunder. Ours is a culture where people wear red to a wedding. Let’s not look at wedding outfits with the a western POV. Doesn’t look like the bride here cares.

    1. Vysh at | | Reply

      Doesn’t look like the bride cares? And you were able to perceive that somehow from these pictures? Lol ok. Its not about whether its a western or Indian concept. Its just a matter of respect. Plain and simple.

      1. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

        Congratulations PnP. Your site is now way more successful than being mentioned on KwK: you got yourselves, your very own troll right here. Someone who goes after every person she disagrees with and makes sure to dig the barbs right in. I see a lot of others have differing opinions on this site, and that is perfectly OK, as it is a site to critique fashion and give PERSONAL opinion. But I have rarely seen anyone go after someone else for having a different opinion, and chew them out rather rabidly. All this, while writing mealy-mouthed comments calling others out for comments like ‘hater will hate’.
        What’s with ‘I don’t care if its family…?’ Do you think either Divya Khosla or any other person who has a different opinion than yours, really gives a flying fox about what you care about and don’t care about? Seriously, you have some respect…give your opinions without feeling the need to dig into some else every time their opinion/ perception differs from yours. Follow your own advice for a change.

        1. Vysh at | | Reply

          Are you actually serious? I called her out on her opinion (“I don’t think the bride cares”) because it made no sense. And then I disagreed on the whole respect thing because its my OPINION. If you are going to take offense on people having a different opinion than you and being vocal about it than you have a problem. And I have never ONCE said “haters will hate” or anything to that effect. Maybe you have me confused with someone else. And I don’t care if Divya Khosla cares about my opinion or not. I never expected her to. I don’t understand why you are getting so offended on her behalf? And its funny because in your comment you basically did everything you accused me of doing.

        2. Vysh at | | Reply

          And also “follow your own advice FOR A CHANGE” lol girl you don’t even know me

      2. ams at | | Reply

        Vysh — and how can you tell the bride cares what her SIL is wearing from the pics? How can you tell she feels disrespected? Since when did this become about respect? Lots of people went OTT and wore red to my wedding — I didn’t care. Live and let live.

        ps. It is in western culture where only the bride wears white, etc. That’s what I meant.

        1. Vysh at | | Reply

          lol that’s the question I’m asking you! And I never said the BRIDE feels disrespected. I said I think its disrespectful. There’s a difference. Its always been about respect. Its the bride’s day and you have to keep that in mind. Go OTT on your day not someone else’s. And this doesn’t have much to do with the colour or anything. Just the overall look.

          1. ams at |

            so exactly who is it disrespectful to if not the bride? Who are the wedding guests supposed to respect? I think you just want to argue for the sake of arguing and having the last word. Please have it. I don’t care for silly internet arguments over clothes that I don’t own and people I do not know.

  20. Nirmali at | | Reply

    It’s a wedding in the capital peeps, this is nothing. Most of Delhi weddings are like this or even shinier. Women and girls go all out, it’s their culture

  21. SMM at | | Reply

    What she’s wearing is absolutely appropriate for her own brother in law’s wedding. I have seen way more blingy outfits at Delhi weddings. Have money will flaunt.

    1. Fashionizta at | | Reply

      True that. I went for a Delhi wedding and everyone was dressed up to the max and looked a million bucks with matching jewellery. Delhi ladies have a innate sense of high fashion. I was the only one less blingy in my kanchipuram sari coz it was my first time. There is no stealing the bride’s thunder sentiment. The spirit of an Indian wedding is look your best, enjoy, dance and have loads of fun O ya bless the couple :)

      1. Anon at | | Reply

        I respect the rest of your comment but I don’t think this can be even in the vicinity of high fashion. You don’t have to be completely blinged out to look good. Nor does being completely blinged mean its high fashion. I wish us Indians would get rid of this mentality because a lot of the times (such as in this case) it just makes us look ridiculous.

        1. Fashionizta at | | Reply

          I kinda of liked the matching blink with the outfit n matching jewellery. Its only for a wedding you can dress up but i agree some are overexcited n go way overboard? But in my part hardly they put even makeup so I was alright with the change

  22. aajay at | | Reply

    Awesome dress. Extremely pretty. The dress is well carried. Divya, you are looking Gorgeous. Sabyasachi well done – full marks to you for the design.

  23. Aishwarya Kulkarni at | | Reply

    Oh wow… Divya looks stunning in that outfit.. just love her look… Awesome work by Sabyasachi…

  24. Sambavi at | | Reply

    Hey, you are looking gorgeous. Nice to see you breaking the norms and daring to explore! Wish you all the best!

  25. thea at | | Reply

    She looks good. But I wouldn’t want her near my wedding.

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