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  1. Ajitha at | | Reply

    I love that orange bottega on Nishka and she looks good!

  2. Ramona at | | Reply

    Flip flops! ReallY?? Killed the cute romper.
    I like Nishka’s style and shoes, pls ID shoes n romper P & P ??

    1. Mruna at | | Reply

      The romper is from River Island.

  3. M at | | Reply

    It kinda reminds me of a french maid outfit for Halloween

  4. pinka at | | Reply

    hi P&P,
    Did you check this months Grazia India, they have listed you guys in there must read section. Congrats….great going

  5. Farrah at | | Reply

    Nishka has amazingly managed to look like a housekeeper. While I’m not digging the flip-flops on Mallika, I am having sever cramps looking at the pantyhouse and pumps on Nishka. Ankle up, I give it to Mallika.

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