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  1. Juhi at | | Reply

    This dress was great for a bollywood song-and-dance and Katrina sizzled in it. I could have never imagined someone would actually wear it on the red carpet but somehow it seems to work.

  2. Raspberry at | | Reply

    The dress looks much shorter on Katrina. Or maybe she is just much taller.

  3. sb at | | Reply

    liked it in the movie!!!

  4. worship_elle at | | Reply

    Katrina looks better with the dress.

  5. spee at | | Reply

    Is it just me or does anyone else also think that this dress is not great for Katrina’s figure ? I mean her thighs seem more thunderesque than ever.

  6. salzie at | | Reply

    LOVE the outfit. LOVE Katrina = )

  7. Surbhi at | | Reply

    Katrina looks better than the other babe!

  8. Sanjana at | | Reply

    Katrina looks much better than Kate…their footwear seems to be similar too….

  9. kirthi at | | Reply

    spee..thats only because of the pose! katrina is as skinny as a pole!

  10. Shina at | | Reply

    she luks nice!!
    gosh.. this blog is super cool!! luv it!

  11. priya at | | Reply

    kats is by no means as skinny as a pole! she has thunder thighs which is why this dress is so wrong for her. the dress she is wearing is abt 2 sizes too small 4 her. that is why the hemline ends way above whr it’s supposed to and the bust area in d 1st pic is not able to ‘contain’ her!

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