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    Tisca’s outfit, wrong colour and wrong lenght, and needs a slimmer body, better accessories. on Dipanita – she is buddy the outfit looks great. she just got married, and looks fab- eat your heart out Abhishek Bachan!!!

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    Abhisekh was dating dipanita? I’ve always liked her name its so much better than deepika. Anyways, that’s besides the point.I like Dipanita’s version better because Priyanka always has that boring hair of her’s tagging along everywhere.

  3. sherry at | | Reply

    like dipannita’s dress better with the interesting neck and waist (but wondering if its a long one or a knee length…) priyanka’s is just another dress.
    dont like either the blue or the bronze version of gauri and nainika. it looks overdone with the open neck, metallic shine, big bow……

  4. Never Mind!! at | | Reply

    Dipannita’s neckline looks better than Priyanka’s. Dont like Tisca or Vidya’s outfits too much.

    Rumor has it that Abhishek was dating Dipannita and unceremoniously dumped her for a certain Ms.World. Come to think of it, he probably would have had a much better fashion sense considering Dipannita and Aishwarya’s choice of outfits!! Would be great to do a round-up of Abhishek’s fashion sense when he was with Dipannita and now.

  5. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I think Indian designers are way into “plagiarizing” these days and they’re so evident in today’s fashion world. For instance. the blue outfit on the left and the golden brown outfit is plagiarized from Vera Wang. Oprah winfrey wore a silver colored same design but longer with a train for one of the award shows. You can google it and find out.

    The black outfit on the left is plagiarized from Jean Paul Gaultier. Nicole Kidman wore a similar dress when she won her Oscar.
    Shame on these designers who cannot come up with their Originality!!!

  6. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I meant the black outfit on the right

  7. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Hmm i did think i had seen the dress tisca has worn elsewhere. But i dont think the black dress is plagiarised…sure it was one shouldered but it had other qualities to it too.

  8. neelam at | | Reply

    i wonder what the length of Dipannita’s dress is. if its knee-length, its great. i dont know understand why Priyanka wore it as a gown…

  9. Sonal at | | Reply

    Rashmi is right!
    The black one is a little too similar to nicole’s gown which she wore to the Oscars in 2003.

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