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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Agreed, but they all have a bit of that sleezy look.
    EW at Saif’s ponytail…that better be an awesome movie whatever it is.

  2. diptiN at | | Reply

    What is with men with pony tails and shirts with the buttons open? hate it. I like Saif’s suit, agree that his shoes are horrible, and dear Abhi, why oh why this terrible suit. Dino does look good, he too needs a hair cut.

  3. Carol at | | Reply

    LOL – they all look bad even Dino with the soul patch and weird hair. Abhishek needs to stay away from shiny suits. But Saif looks the worst – the hair is seriously receding, long sideburns, ugly glasses and I don’t like the brown shoes.

    1. Anu at | | Reply

      LOL, did you see Abhi has learnt the “Aishwarya-eyebrow-expression’ well!
      I almost fell off my chair seeing his expression!! :-D
      The suit is probably okay…I think the biggest problem with Abhi’s look is his face. The Ravan look does NOT suit him at all. I think it’s pretty stupid for actors to sport their movie character looks even after the shot is done. Thats what fake moustaches and makeup is for!!! Take it off after the shoot. It does you no good.
      Saif, same thing. Stop with the glasses and the hair…the rock star Saif look is sorely missed. Dino – well, you win by default.

  4. Megha at | | Reply

    dino looks hot

    AB baby has terrible taste in clothes
    always ott

  5. prots at | | Reply

    ewwwwwwww @ abhi…..dino can do still better

  6. Dee at | | Reply

    Dino looks the best of the 3…what’s happened to Saif? i’ve given up on Abhi…he always looks as if he needs a good bath.

  7. anoo at | | Reply

    is saif channeling karl lagerfeld now???

  8. Monkey at | | Reply

    Saif looks bad, but Kareena didn’t look too bad :)

  9. Anu at | | Reply

    Saif Ali Khan is just gross looking…I think the guy suffers from mid life crisis, and it reflects in his style, the way he carries himself,& his stature…puke puke puke…

  10. Belle at | | Reply

    ahahahaha…oh well…fingers crossed theyre making these fashion faux pas due to their ‘character’ ;)

    however, i like it how saif has paired brown shoes with a black suit, as here in aus, ‘clashing colours’ are totally in right now.

  11. Nidhi at | | Reply

    Wow, look how smug abhishek looks.

  12. Carton at | | Reply

    WHat were they thinking!!!! Dino looks the most decent, but Dino thats a Business suit, wear it on Wallstreet not on the red carpet…

    Saif get a haircut and those skinny trousers arent meant for you.

    Aby Baby – sorry brother but WTF were you thinking.

  13. kismet at | | Reply

    dina tends to get it right, the other 2 not so much!

    1. kismet at | | Reply

      sorry meant Dino!

  14. Preeti at | | Reply

    Why does Abhishek have to reveal his chest? Looks tacky, especially with the shiny suit. Has anyone else noticed Abhi’s eyebrow? It’s arched upwards like that of his wife.

    1. Nidhi at | | Reply

      totally agree on the arched eyebrow. see my comment above!

  15. Shriya at | | Reply

    Ha .ha.ha. Abhishek’s arched eyebrow. Aishwarya is sure giving some serious lessons. He looks ridiculous.

    1. gg at | | Reply

      I had heard married couples tend to influence one another but this is just taking it to a ridiculous level..

      1. Shriya at | | Reply

        Watch them on Oprah. Abhishek had his eyebrow arched while talking as well. Way to go!

  16. emem at | | Reply

    kareena pic pls…

  17. krk at | | Reply

    OMG…Saif is BALD !

  18. Kiwi at | | Reply

    none of them look good–Dino’s suit is an ordinary office wae one, at least he could have played around with a tie. Abhishek always looks has a C grade/cheap look… wonder waht’s happened to Saif… he normally looks cool

  19. Ish at | | Reply

    I hate Saif’s entire look… major wthey to me. Dino looks the best, he wears that suit really well, just not sure if it’s red carpet worthy, like some mentioned. Does Abhi’s suit have kind of a brownish shimmer, or is that just from the lighting? It’s weird.

  20. Nina at | | Reply

    hahaha….anyways! #1 tops them all!!

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