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  1. Dee at |

    Manoj’s shoes just spoiled his appearance even more!

  2. pdaervo at |

    Agreed, but Dino always poses the same way, and combined with the hair it makes him lookl…sleazy :/

  3. Tongue in Chic at |

    Er, Dino’s look is pretty great.

  4. Soigne at |

    The white shoes = ugh. I know they have some usefulness, but they just don’t look right. Mr. Morea looks better in this round.

  5. Siddharth at |

    I dont think you can compare the two, one is a model while other is a serious actor. So the choice of how they dress is going to be different. Dino is going to look better any day, its dino who has won gladrags and not Manoj Bajpai, neither is Manoj filling pages of fashion magazines doing ads for clothes.

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