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  1. ksmommy at | | Reply

    her facial xpressions pretty much give out the story!lol!

  2. bongbabe at | | Reply

    giant aubergine?

    new age sadhu inspired by prince and the new power generation?

    disney cartoon genie?

    1. eclat at | | Reply

      So funny! Thanks, was in need of a giggle- now I’m going to smile every time the pic of dimple floating out of a huge lamp comes up!

  3. BM at | | Reply

    Her hair looks horrible!! Scary is the word that came to mind.

  4. Kee at | | Reply

    But at least, she was able to carry her outfit…

    1. KD at | | Reply

      from what angle?

  5. ash at | | Reply

    That colour is scary. And as for the outfit what on earth is going on there? Is it a shalwaar suit, pant suit, who knows?! On an aside, how gorgeous is her hair? I’d kill for a full head of lustrous locks like hers at that age, or any age for that matter!!

  6. shyba at | | Reply

    It is WTHeyyy…but look at the brighter side-her hair…WoW

  7. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Oh no. Why oh why ?
    And in the first 2 pics, its looks like a long dupatta. But in the 3rd pic, its looks like whole other story. How did that mishap happen on stage ? And that outfit is a serious breach of safety regulations ! But make up is good and she looks good neck up. Would be nice if she tamed that beautiful mane of hers.

  8. AnnMMMM at | | Reply

    ooohhh dimple!

  9. KK at | | Reply

    WOW.. that’s a lot of purple and what a waste of all that fabric! She doesn’t look happy in that outfit.

  10. Trinket at | | Reply

    picture 1 – The way the stylist intended ( seriously?)
    picture 2 – outcome! a serious trip-and-fall waiting to happen
    picture 3 – Dimple grabs both ends of the dupatta and twists!

    1. suchi at | | Reply

      ha ha looked at the pics after reading this, ROTFL!!

  11. SNM at | | Reply

    Yeah, she’s probably thinking of how much *more* she should be paid for appearing like this in public!! She’s usually so stylish, this one is unforgivable..

  12. yashu at | | Reply

    Walking modern(modified from traditional colored ) Eggplant …

  13. anra at | | Reply

    Dimple Kapadia is still a gorgeous lady and should probably think of getting a stylist to dress her……or get informed about the lastest trends….hey things have changed since the 80’s!

  14. alfredo at | | Reply

    dimple looks gorgeous,the makeup suits her so does the outfit.she isone of the best looking actresses of bollywood.do give us more pictures like this.

  15. SK at | | Reply

    how purple is the purple…! its blinding!

  16. Mel at | | Reply

    tsk tsk tsk!

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